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Observe Ten Minutes of Pretty PS4 Puzzler The Witness

Posted by Sammy Barker

Trees and treats

As the next project from indie icon Jonathan Blow, Sony opted to spotlight The Witness during its PlayStation 4 unveiling around about a year ago. However, while the Myst-esque exploration title’s been in development for some time now, we still haven’t really been given an especially in-depth look at the game. Fortunately, a ten minute demonstration of the adventure has emerged online, showing the release in its current guise.

In addition to highlighting the ambitious outing’s beautiful open world environments, the video – which features full commentary from the Braid creator – also offers a crash course on the product’s puzzles. While you’ll initially be connecting dots to open doors, though, things quickly get a bit more complicated, as the developer happens upon a vault with an intricate pattern preventing access. “The key is knowledge,” he proudly declares. The big question is: have you got the brains to bust the conundrum?


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k_andersen said:

This is honestly one of my most anticipated PS4 games. I was so impressed with that trailer at the reveal, and everything else I've seen of so far looks really really interesting. Now we just need a release date.....



antony said:

For such a powerful console this looks amazingly pants. Why would I spend money on such a game? This is the type of free app you would get on a tablet.



Shellybird27 said:

@antony Pants?.... and why do sooooo many people care about graphics? This kind of game isn't supposed to revolve around graphics anyway... but what are you talking about anyway? This game looks gorgeous!



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

It seems to be a straight forward puzzlurrr. Not sure why its only on ps4... Would like it on vita...



Donald_M said:

@Shellybird27 I think a more relevant question is, why are some gamers seemingly unable to just say, "This doesn't look like my kind of game," and leave it at that.

"I don't like this genre and the gameplay looks dull, but maybe if it had nicer graphics . . ." said no one ever.



Donald_M said:

@antony Why should you spend money on this game? You shouldn't, save it for games that actually appeal to you. I'm glad I could help you clear up that mystery.

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