As the next project from indie icon Jonathan Blow, Sony opted to spotlight The Witness during its PlayStation 4 unveiling around about a year ago. However, while the Myst-esque exploration title’s been in development for some time now, we still haven’t really been given an especially in-depth look at the game. Fortunately, a ten minute demonstration of the adventure has emerged online, showing the release in its current guise.

In addition to highlighting the ambitious outing’s beautiful open world environments, the video – which features full commentary from the Braid creator – also offers a crash course on the product’s puzzles. While you’ll initially be connecting dots to open doors, though, things quickly get a bit more complicated, as the developer happens upon a vault with an intricate pattern preventing access. “The key is knowledge,” he proudly declares. The big question is: have you got the brains to bust the conundrum?