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Not Every PlayStation Port Sells Better Than Its Wii U Equivalent

Posted by Sammy Barker

Stuck in the Mudd

There may be a much larger install base on the PlayStation 3 and Vita, but Renegade Kid’s awesome 8-bit throwback Mutant Mudds Deluxe has managed to sell more units on the Wii U than on the PlayStation Network and Steam combined. Company co-founder Jools Watsham confirmed the snippet on Twitter, adding that the Nintendo 3DS has been most popular home for the platformer.

It’s perhaps worth pointing out that the game’s been available on the handheld for the longest, having launched all the way back in early 2012. It was ported to the House of Mario’s home console last summer, before arriving on Steam in August and Sony’s abovementioned systems shortly before Christmas.

While the staggered release dates mean that it’s difficult to ascertain, well, anything from this data, we suppose that it does show that bigger target audiences don’t always result in greater sales. Having said that, we’d be interested to know how well the title would have performed on the PlayStation maker’s machines if it had fired onto them first. Guess we’ll never know now, huh?


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Azikira said:

Probably the same deal with Treasurenauts. Renegade Kid needs Nintendo. :3



3Above said:

I would think it sold better on the console that has the least amount of new software. There has been no shortage of great games on ps3 or vita in the time this game released. So most people probably spent their money on other titles, or were saving up for PS4.



divinelite said:

Well not really my liking anyway. Games with unique gameplay will be better sold on Sony but maybe platformer with retro style on nintendo

I like platformer on vita but yeah the graphic need to be HD, just like thoma was alone



butcherknife said:

I first heard of this game when it came out for the Vita and intended to purchase on the Vita, but read a review stating that the 3D gameplay aspect is better on the 3DS (it was designed for the 3DS?) I plan to purchase it for my 3DS, which I rarely Vita is my go to handheld.



Tasuki said:

I played the demo on the 3DS and quite frankly I wasn't impressed with the game.



Gamer83 said:

It's the kind of game that seems more tailored to a Nintendo system and that audience's taste than the PlayStation brand and PS fans' taste in gaming, so doesn't really surprise me.



Farmboy74 said:

It may be tailored to Nintendo Systems but you can't get this on the European Eshop for Wii U. Getting on Vita is my only option.



belmont said:

Is this game available for Vita in Europe? I don't remember seeing it.



Cyrso said:

I posted already why this shouldn't really surprise anyone:

Renegade Kid is like Shin'en and they focus primarily on Nintendo platforms and Nintendo fanbase and they do have a decent share of the core Nintendo fanbase.

Meanwhile when it was releasing on Steam and PSN I don't think they promoted Mutant Mudds a lot (I don't think a lot of people even knew the game was on Steam and PSN) but they treated those platforms like an afterthought. Also, I looked it up; the Steam version was released on 21 November, PS3/Vita versions on 14 December, but the Wii U version was released months ahead on 13 June. Not to mention, the Wii U games catalog doesn't compare to Steam and PS3/PSVita, there are much more and better indie platformers available on Steam/PSN, aka there's much more competition, where on Wii U they can more easily get the spotlight.

Still technically impressive that the platform with 5M userbase has outsold the platforms with a combined 130M userbase or so, but when you analyze it more closely, it makes sense.

But in short yes this is great news for indie developers looking to make games for Wii U; thanks to Wii U's game droughts, indie games can more easily get some spotlight. At last, the droughts have an adavantage for developers.



rastamadeus said:

It's a great little game with some terrifically catchy music but it really should be played on a 3DS. Without the 3D it loses a bit of its charm.



JaxonH said:


Agreed. Bought on Wii U, and it was ok, but this game was built ground up for 3D. It's just not the same anywhere other than 3DS.



Ryno said:

Meh, i download it on my Wii U when it was on sale. Played it for like 10 minutes and haven't touched it since. Between the Nintendo exclusives, Virtual Console, and other eShop games, I'm just not tempted to go back to this.

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