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Konami Cuts the Price of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Still need a degree to decipher it, though

The pricing structure for Konami’s upcoming PlayStation 4 prologue Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has gotten a whisker more palatable today, as the Japanese publisher has announced a slew of pre-launch reductions pertaining to the next generation iteration of the game. Snapping up a boxed copy on Sony’s latest super machine will now cost you £29.99/$29.99, which is considerably cheaper than the intended £39.99/$39.99.

You’ll still be able to get the game for less on the PlayStation 3, as the digital version on the ageing format will set you back £19.99/$19.99. However, if you want a boxed copy for your current-gen console [Yes, we know that’s technically not accurate anymore – Ed], that’ll run you £29.99/$29.99 – the same price as the physical PS4 release. A digital version on the manufacturer’s recently released black marvel will cost you the same. Are you keeping up?

A cynic may argue that this is a direct response to the criticisms lofted at the content’s length earlier in the year, but in truth, most British retailers had opted to ignore the Metal Gear maker’s RRP anyway. While this undeniably makes the package a little more tempting, though, we’re not particularly big proponents of the publisher’s convoluted pricing structure. Perhaps this is another example of creator Hideo Kojima breaking the so-called fourth wall, with the title's cost more confusing than one of its cut-scenes.


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banacheck said:

Anyone purchasing Ground Zeroes early will be eligible for the DLC, included in the first batch of retail copies and available for a limited time with digital downloads. The DLC will unlock in The Phantom Pain with a Ground Zeroes save.

It's good he has see sense and dropped the RRP for the PS4 version, the MGS game's have always had plenty of replay ability to them. And with the DLC it'll hopefully be worth it in the end.



Carl-G said:

That Shop2net says 'Digital copy' when u hit pre-order? But it shows the Disc version before u do pre-order it? Hmm i want it at that price but the disc tho. God that Shop2net is confusing sometimes



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Yeah I saw it for 22.50 somewhere, was likely a temporary price, this or knack I imagine may well be the first 'full' game free on PS plus... perhaps



charlesnarles said:

@banacheck that rules. I felt kinda bad about preordering for $40 and I'd love me some early MGS dlc. Carrying over the save might help sales too



banacheck said:

I didn't like the original price tag and so glad they've dropped the price, I love the MGS game's and didn't really want to miss out on Ground Zeroes.
That box cover looks smart too, with Ground Zeroes & once The Phantom Pain release's my collection is complete unless he makes another that is.



charlesnarles said:

@banacheck it's non-canon but all I'd need would be Ac!d 2, which is too expensive everywhere heh. I love my Konami games lined all up on the shelf, it's a pity the PSP games got omitted from the box set, or I woulda gotten it.
(Off-topic-P.s. Where the hell is my copy of Thief, mailman?)

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