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Killzone: Shadow Fall Attempts to Steal Titanfall's Thunder with Free Multiplayer Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

A spanner in the works

While the PlayStation 4 has been comfortably leading the next-gen hardware race since its release last November, it will face its biggest test in the form of semi Xbox exclusive Titanfall next month. However, never one to shy away from battle, Sony has announced an initiative clearly designed to steal a little thunder away from Respawn Entertainment’s big first-person shooter: a free week’s access to Killzone: Shadow Fall’s underrated multiplayer mode.

Starting from 17:00PM PST on 3rd March, you’ll be able to download Guerrilla Games’ latest escapade and enjoy the entire online suite without paying a penny. The platform holder ran a similar initiative over Christmas, and it sounds like the setup will be exactly the same again. This time around, however, your complimentary time with the game will be enhanced by the addition of two new multiplayer maps, which will be made available to everyone.

These fresh arenas will be based on environments from the single player campaign, and the developer is preparing a couple of Warzones to allow you to focus solely on these locations if you’re getting a little bored of the stock shooting galleries. If that’s not enough, the developer is teasing more announcements next week, which we suspect will pertain to the release’s previously revealed co-op component. Who cares about mechs anyway, huh?


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Punished_Boss_84 said:

And strangely enough i still don't own a PS4, how strange. And now i'm missing out on free opportunities.



rjejr said:

Counter-move. Nicely played.

Do you still need PS+ to play this? I know most people have it but some might get confused by the "Free multplayer" in the title.



get2sammyb said:

@rjejr You do, but I'd argue that should be expected for any multiplayer experience on PS4 right now unless said otherwise.



Axel210 said:

Strangely enough my friend's PS Plus ran out and he was able to still join us on War Thunder, however, I am assuming that is because it's a free-to-play?



banacheck said:

You don't need a PlayStation Plus subscription to be able to play for the free week.

Guerrilla Games has announced on its website that you'll be able to play the multiplayer component of Killzone: Shadow Fall free for a week beginning March 4.

Better yet, you won't need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play Killzone: Shadow Fall during the free period



Madd_Hatter401 said:

Titanfall is friggin sweet! Not exactly a thinking mans FPS but it is just pure never ending fun! I count myself a lucky man to own both consoles. I think Killzone is pretty good but Titanfall it is not.. im excited for march with Titanfall and Second Son, its going to be a shut in month for me



ComicBookGuy said:

@Madd_Hatter401 genuinely the only game that's made me even consider buying an Xbox One. It looks like simple fun that won't get tiring.
In contrast, KZ MP is more taxing on the brain...hasn't stopped me going for the plat though. Just a few more abilities to unlock!



KAPADO said:

When are we having a PushSquare killzone game night ?
I already have the game, but ill join in the fu. I need to get back into the single player



odd69 said:

I just got my copy in last week, haven't tried the online play yet. Surprised with the single player in general its actually better than I thought, I had low hopes but they are high now



Madd_Hatter401 said:

@seeafish I own the exclusives for XB1 and I'm not impressed dead rising is pretty good.. The PS4 is def the more powerful machine still Sony is my preferred system, but Titanfall is just so much fun! I have the XB1 for exclusives, the ps4 is for 3rd party and of course the epic sony exclusives (MLB THE SHOW being one)

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