There’s no doubt that playing games is a lot of fun, but we suspect that those of you engaged in the industry enough to be reading this article will be fascinated by the making of them, too. At one point, behind-the-scenes documentaries were all the rage, but that craze seems to have passed over the last few years. Fortunately, the folks over at Naughty Dog managed to capture the development of The Last of Us on camera – and now you can watch it all for free.

Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us is a 90-minute documentary produced by Area 5, which charts the production of Sony’s ground breaking PlayStation 3 exclusive from inception to release. The show was previously only available to Season Pass holders, but the curtain has now been lifted for everyone, and we’ve embedded the full thing for your viewing pleasure below. There are spoilers in the video, so if you haven’t played the game yet, it might be best to wait until you’re done. Still, this is essential material if you’re a fan of the release.