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Grand Theft Auto V Will Launch on PS4 if Consumers Want It

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Grand Theft Auto V could come to the PlayStation 4 if enough consumers want it, Take Two boss Strauss Zelnick has teased. The executive would not comment on any specific plans, but did stress in an interview with MCV that the firm is committed to bringing its games to the devices that its fans own. Considering that Rockstar North’s open world opus is the most hotly demanded next-gen port at the moment, we reckon that Sony’s recently released super machine seems like a solid fit.

"If that is where consumers are, absolutely [we'll release our game on the PS4]," he explained. "But we wouldn’t drive them there, we would just be there if they are there. That is why we have a companion app for our basketball title, NBA 2K Everywhere. It is wherever consumers want to be. We are not in the hardware business, we don’t have any dog in that hut, we just want to be where the consumer is."

We wonder how long it took the executive to rehearse that answer. Still, given the success of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin’s adventure on the PlayStation 3, we’d be shocked if it didn’t venture to new hardware soon. Will you be willing to drop your dough on the game all over again, though, or have you had your fill of Los Santos’ seedy sandbox? Gun us down in the comments section below.


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Slapshot said:

Of course it will. The PS4's cloud-based technology is perfectly fitting for GTA Online. Also, the PS4's attachment rate is exceptionally high, so the chance that a next-gen GTA V port being profitable is, in my opinion, quite high. GTA is one of those series that continues to shift copies long after its initial release date - one only needs to look at the iOS ports of the PS2 GTA's topping the charts, when they are being sold for $5 USD a piece.



Gemuarto said:

Nobody cares about GTA anymore, so they can leave it be on PS3. I stopped playing GTA somewhere in the middle of San Andreas. Never played GTA since then, and very glad about that.



Gamer83 said:

I know it's going to happen, but it shouldn't. All these ports are laziness to the highest degree on the part of the devs and though Sony and MS can fool their corporate slaves there are a lot of us who can see through the bs. There is f**k all for these consoles, just like Wii U. It is pathetic how unprepared each of the big 3 failures were and still are for this gen. Right now it's a competition to one up the other for which can be the biggest fail. 2015 had better be a vast improvement over what this year will bring... Another damn port, unreal.



InsertNameHere said:

@Gamer83 Most of the games announced at E3 had a 2014 release date, so the ports act more like a speedbump to keep demand in check until the real games are ready.

And there's never a lot to choose from this early, everyone knows that. That doesn't mean developers are unprepared, that's like saying content providers are lazy because there isn't a lot of 4K content, when 4K is still relatively new.



FullbringIchigo said:

well I still haven't got round to getting it on ps3, so I might wait and see if a ps4 version is in the works



eLarkos said:

@BornOfEvil I have already given him the tip to not buy a 4K tv this year.

@Gamer83 I think its pretty clear by now that you are having an issue with this new gen. You clearly made a mistake by choosing to be an early adopter and now are having an issue with fairly normal activity for a product that is only JUST beginning its long life. Do you think that near the end of this year we are still going to be hearing about ports? Not nearly as much. Please do a quick Google search of the pros and cons of being an early adopter and you will see that these issues are not isolated to Sony, ms or nint.



Splat said:

I enjoyed my time with GTA V on PS3 but if I had a PS4 I wouldn't buy it again.



Fire-and-Water said:

The PS3 is still going to be a relevant console for years to come. If I had a PS4 I'd rather wait for an entirely new Rockstar game rather than GTA V.

Either way, I don't think Rockstar is done with the title just yet. So you never know what they have up their sleeves. They're probably still working on it.



DanSinge said:

@Gamer83 what are you taking about? every multiplatform title is a port to something or other. PS4 has outlast, don't starve and Resogun in their indie releases. Killlzone and knack were good (at least in terms of showing the machine capabilities). all the ports are played the way they were ment to on PS4 so that's the reason they exist. with watch dogs, drive club, thief 4, eso, second son, murdered, evil within, the crew, the order, Destiny and the division amongst so many other titles coming out. 6 of those games should be out by the summer, and that's only the ones I know of the top of my head. most, if not all, should be out before the end of the year. Stop crying over nothing, just because you adopted early without checking to see how many games you could actually get within the release window that you wanted.



charlesnarles said:

@Gamer83 I hear you, brother, but just be patient! It's an amazing time of wonder and excitement over our new gen of machines about which we should be very thankful and appreciative. PS is a privilege, and, though we all like instant gratification, we have to let our little colt grow for a year or two before we start expecting him to win races. Until then, just feed him apples and carrots (ports n indies) so he can grow big and strong like his dad and win the big derbies. If you will.



BambooBushido said:

@Gamer83 The only bs you see is in you're mind because all you ever want to see is bs wen there is no bs to be seen except only in you're mind



SethPuddle said:

I wouldn't buy it again, but I would love to see it on ps4. the more the merrier. I am always an early adopter of sytems. can't help it, when I see new hardware I must have it, but I know what to expect. the massive ps3 library took time. did we expect a massive library at the start of ps4? no, that would be stupid. honestly I think all games at the end of the ps3, 360 gen. should be ported. in my opinion.



sajoey said:

I think I would buy it, or at the very least rent it, because I never actually beat it on my PS3 do it being the original model and me being in a very dusty house. It wasn't pretty. So I've gotten a new PS3 since then, but I never made the effort to go all the way back through. However, I might if it was even prettier on the PS4 (and gave me an excuse to use that delicious DualShock 4. Mmm.)



drumsandperc92 said:

this is the big one i've been keeping my fingers crossed for.
I wonder if they will release a poll or something to officially see who wants it?
Or if they are already developing it and this is just a tease?



Uberchu said:

I want a Wii U version first please. Does it look like I got the funds for a PS4?



Jaz007 said:

@Gamer83 What's wrong with some ports? Not having them won't make more next gen games appear sooner. This is also business, if this move will make good money then it only makes sense. The bullcrud here is that you've developed a sense of entitlement. There is nothing wrong with good business.
The main things these ports do give the PS4 more games while the new ones are made.



goonow said:

Of Course they could make money on a rerelease. I am sure they will. The earlier they release it the more likley it is to sell because of the limited next gen library.



finmilligan said:

I reckon they'll probably port it. They'd make enough money out of it, and it would only look sweeter on a next-gen console.



JaxonH said:

I love being an early adopter, and ports are part of that. In fact, I was delighted that Tomb Raider came to PS4. Not only was it a great game that I'd never played, it helped fill the post-launch drought.

I bought my 3DS day one back in 2011 when there was nothing but Street Fighter 4 3D. Now I'm playing Fire Emblem Awakening, Zelda Link Between Worlds and Bravely Default.

I bought my Vita day one when there was nothing but Uncharted Golden Abyss. Now I'm playing Tearaway, Rayman Legends and soon, Final Fantasy X/X-2.

I bought my Wii U day one when there was nothing but New Super Mario Bros U, now I'm playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3 and soon, DKC Tropical Freeze.

I bought my PS4 day one when there was nothing but Killzone Shadowfall... [you see the pattern forming here]



JaxonH said:


Sorry bud. Wii U is great for Nintendo exclusives and the occasional 3rd party exclusive like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, ZombiU, Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, but if you want the full brunt of 3rd party AAA, you're gonna need to invest in a 2nd console. Every console has its' strength, and you will see a few AAA Wii U games like Batman Arkham, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, etc... but if you want to really dig into these kinds of games, I'd advise saving up for a PS4 or X1. Alternatively, PS3/60 can be obtained pretty cheap nowadays.



Midzark said:

YES YES YES!!! I completed the single player on xbox 360!, now I'm on PS4 so would LOVE for a Port to come over!! I'd re-buy it and I know loads of my friends would too!! As the online (now it's patched and sorted!) is Great fun!! PLEASE Bring it to PS4!!



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Don't really care. I had fun in vice city and I haven't bothered since. Maybe GTA 6 I'll give a go if its a proper next gen release.



Kellx78 said:

i'd love to see the ps4 version, since i never considered a ps3 until skyrim and gta 5 came out. so i thought i'd wait it out for the ps4 and hope for the ports.



Gamer83 said:


If Rockstar actually goes through with this anything less than 60 frames per second is unacceptable. It's 2014, 30 fps needs to start becoming a thing of the past.



617Sqn said:

would love to see Rockstar Table tennis on ps4 and vita! board of GTA now.



Savino said:

@Gemuarto lol

Ok, YOU dont want to play it anymore, it's your problem, now saying that the fastest selling game of the last gen ia a game no one wants?! Man, you really out of touch with reality!



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Gemuarto I beg to differ, sir! I am quite interested in GTA V. Didn't buy it at release because I wanted to safe the money for the PS4 and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there. There's surely lots of people out there who wait for a PC/next gen release of GTA and of course those who are willing to double dip and buy it twice.

Just because you have no interest anymore in the game doesn't mean nobody else has.



Nerve said:

I kind of pushed this to one side when I got the new consoles, but I'd buy it again purely for GTA Online. (Hopefully a prettier story too!)



Tasuki said:

Meh. As much as I liked GTA V I played it and finished it on the Xbox 360 in fact I just recently traded it in. Online is a good idea on paper but it is so broken and full of hackers that its not fun anymore. If this came out on PS4 I wouldn't buy it again unless it hit the bargain bin.



Gemuarto said:

@Reverend_Skeeve @Savino @Dangert3 Wow, take it easy, guys, so many GTA zombies - 32 millions, omg. But I was talking about real human beings, not zombies. Zombies always outnumber normal humans, what can I say, that's the point of zombies.



-CraZed- said:

@Gemuarto While I (and it seems you) don't care much for GTA ( I also stopped about half way through San Andreas but I played a bit of IV too) GTAV sold what, 35 million copies? So, I think it is very much a relevant and sought after ip, despite our lack of interest.



ReigningSemtex said:

@Gamer83 this guy again. Just sell your damn ps4 and get a pc if your not happy with all the ports or resolution and fps. What's that no your not going to, ok well stop throwing your toys out the pram.

Poor you with your next gen console and no games to play the whole of push square weeps for you I'm sure.



Gamer83 said:


Don't care what anybody thinks about me. Just like you're allowed to be a corporate c**ksucker, I'm allowed to get pissed when I'm seeing trends I don't like. Don't like it, don't read my comments. I'm not going to change because it pisses you and other fanboys off.



ReigningSemtex said:

Haha I don't think you realise what a fanboy is I don't limit myself to any particular gaming platform so I fail to understand how I am a fanboy. What I am is a realist I understand that when you jump straight into a new generation of games console there is a drought sometimes (most times), you just sound like a butthurt kid.
'Don't like it, don't read my comments'

Don't like ports don't buy them.
Later I'm off to play the definitive edition of tomb raider it's a great port ya know.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Gemuarto me a GTA zombie because I suggested that there might still be a huge number of persons out there who'd appreciate a next gen/PC port of GTA V? FYI, I enjoyed GTA IV a lot, but never finished it, because I found the missions and gameplay later in the game too boring and/or too hard. So I was happy with just "hanging out in Liberty City", meaning visiting the comedy club or taking a cab ride, listening to music and soaking in the scenery.

I have never shared the insta-hype surrounding the GTA games. They're great games, but have serious flaws in gameplay that barely get addressed in the media "because it's GTA, thus it's awesome and perfect!11!!1".

I'm sure I would also enjoy GTA V, even if I wouldn't maybe finish it. But a GTA zombie/fanboy? Surely not.

So please try not to generalize just because you don't like a game anymore...and try not to call people zombies just because they have a valid, different opinion than yours.

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