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God of War Collection Causes Chaos on the PS Vita in May

Posted by Sammy Barker

Slimmed to scale

It’s currently raining PlayStation Vita games so hard that we’re going to need to prop up an umbrella shortly. Not content with officially unveiling Borderlands 2 at a swish event in Los Angeles earlier today, the platform holder has also confirmed that the God of War Collection will be wrapping its blades around the diminutive device on 6th May in North America and 8th May in Europe.

Just like its PlayStation 3 counterpart, the bundle will include both God of War and God of War II perfectly re-mastered for the, er, small screen. The repurposed PlayStation 2 classics will come with Trophies, touchscreen support, and more non-stop action than a Michael Bay movie. Zeus, we’re coming for you. Again.


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rastamadeus said:

Hmmmm. Ports of games in a collection already released with PS Now on the way? Either Sony is releasing games on Vita as they have to release a certain amount a year or they have no faith in PS Now. Or they're just greedy shits.

This one I will avoid like the plague unless I need help sleeping, the Sly Cooper one I'll get when the price drops, unless it's converted by the people who did Jak and Daxter (absolute mess). Borderlands though, woop!



InsertNameHere said:

@rastamadeus Or maybe, and I know this is a little out there, but maybe they're trying to put more games on the Vita that have a chance of boosting sales.

Not to mention that this was announced at E3 almost a year ago. Also that PSNow is useless without internet, so this could prove extremely useful.



moomoo said:

I never got to play these, so I look forward to getting these. I enjoyed the PSP games.



RaymanFan2 said:

GoW Collection on PS3 is ALREADY REMOTE PLAY ENABLED, like the SotC Collection.
If you have a PS3, this collection's usefulness is drastically reduced.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Gow has been in the works for ages it has jack all to do with 'now' so looking forward to it. I can't imagine they've done anything other than an awesome job on it.



N711 said:

I m playing GoW ghost of Sparta on Vita and I think its just perfect to play on the go.. Good to see this coming



rastamadeus said:

@DaftPlayStation You say negative I say realistic. Ports of old PS2 games you can pick up cheap for that console or nearly as cheap for on PS3 aren't exactly going to boost sales. Nintendo gets slammed for releasing the same games again and again but it's ok for Sony and Microsoft (Halo, Fable) to do it? Plus where did I moan at Borderlands? I said I'd be getting that. Try actually reading what I say without deciding what I've said then maybe you'd see it wasn't as negative as you perceive it to be seeing as I said if be getting two or the three games.

@Shellybird27 Providing an alternative point of view other than "EVERYTHING SONY DO IS AWESOME!" isn't cynicism. It would be if people such as @Gamer83 and I couldn't explain why we feel that way but we can.



IronManDS said:

I'll pick this up. Would prefer it be an actual "Collection" of the games and include ports of the PS3 and PSP games, as well. But, I'm sure they'll milk that money out of me eventually...

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