Get ready to choose your weapon this Spring in SoulCalibur: Lost Swords. Releasing exclusively for the PlayStation 3, this fresh release is taking the franchise in a new direction, opting for a free-to-play format. While not a lot's been said about the fighter since its reveal last year, newly rebranded publisher Bandai Namco has produced a fresh trailer showing off the complimentary game.

Clearly, this is not the same weapons-based brawler that your ancestors played. One of the main highlights in this instalment is the use of elemental properties to give you the upper hand, allowing you to augment your swords with special powers such as Fire and Wind. Scavenging the bodies of your fallen foes will allow you to find some of these enhanced attack options. Furthermore, there is also a new forging system allowing you to create these menacing upgraded arms, adding a strategic dimension to the experience.

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