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Fall in Love with The Last of Us: Left Behind's Launch Trailer

Posted by Edwin Garcia

Forget your date, this one is better

Looking for a Valentine's date? Well, look no further: The Last of Us: Left Behind is here to save the day. The first ever Naughty Dog single player expansion is set to release imminently, and to commemorate the event, a new launch trailer has been released for your viewing pleasure.

The studio claims that this is its most polished experience to date, and considering the quality of the content that it's produced in the past, that is saying a lot. You can expect our review of the add-on very soon. For now, though, this trailer will have to suffice.


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InsertNameHere said:

I can already tell that this is going to be heart wrenching, Naughty Dog don't understand the power they possess - If I had a girlfriend, she'd be lonely tomorrow.



3rdEyeMind said:

that was an absolutely incredible trailer.

I'm fed up with most trailers today, they're all the same with their constant fade in-and-out cuts, etc and always end with some kind of projectile coming at the camera, but cuts to the title just before it know, cheesy as hell.

This was very refreshing. I wasn't gonna get this day one as i am clearing the backlog on my Vita at the moment, but this trailer just sold it to me for day 1.

Another thing i find funny here is that Naught Dog is doing David Cage far better than David Cage lol.

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