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Don't Worry, PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Isn't Your Ordinary Third Person Shooter

Posted by Kell Andersen

Breaking down those chest high walls

Apparently some people were a little disappointed with The Order: 1886's recent gameplay reveal, but we honestly wouldn't know, as we were too busy trying to wrap our heads around how developer Ready at Dawn has managed to make the title look so ridiculously pretty. However, some have expressed concerns that the alternate history romp seems to contain a preposterous proliferation of that much maligned genre staple: the chest high wall.

We're not particularly worried, though, as according to studio director Ru Weerasuriya, these will be the most realistic chest high walls that we've ever seen. “Yes, there is cover as you might have seen in other games, but we’ve added traversal modes. You’ll go seamlessly from ‘full cover’ into ‘soft cover’ as you move away from an object," he stated in a post on the PlayStation Blog. "Imagine that you’re in cover, you’re shooting at something, and you want to pop out. You don’t just stick your head up, right? You’d still stay low. So we’ve tried to build a bit more reality into the cover system.”

The developer was also keen to remind us that the game's extensive melee combat system will be both brutal and byzantine. "For melee, we’re leveraging some of the things that we’ve learned in the past, even from the platformer days," he continued. "We want to supplement ranged combat with something that players don’t expect. You’ll see more melee modes that will give you some complex options.”

Were you underwhelmed by The Order: 1886's initial gameplay reveal? Did you expect something a bit more innovative? Lock 'n' load in the comments section below.


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InsertNameHere said:

I was expecting to see a little more gameplay, but I was whelmed (Dick Grayson says it's a word!) by what was shown off. I'm really excited to see how this cover system works out because it could change everything we've ever known.



Jazzer94 said:

I still need to see more before forming a proper opinion on the game but what they have shown has got me interested in the story.



N711 said:

Im actually impressed by how realistic and brutal the melee combat looks. We really cant say much about gameplay as I got the feeling you really need to play it to feel how enjoyable it is. Please give this game a chance. Also people are different and not everyone expect the same kind of experience from a game.



Grieva said:

I think it will refresh a stale line up of games. A third person game other than assassins creed will be nice, anst seeing as it's exclusive we should be in for a visual treat. My retina cannot wait to process this beauty!



get2sammyb said:

The gameplay looks a bit rough in my opinion, but it's hard to judge much from the awful gameplay footage Sony has released. The graphics and setting, on the other hand, are absolutely exquisite.



cruches24 said:

I hate when a great looking game like this gets bs because of little things like it's a third person shooter, it had QTE hasn't shown us anything new like come on do you know how hard is to make a game this games has been in development for 5-6 years and It look damn good MGS is third person ain't no one bs about that but it's because it's a new ip no Man I love all game because with out games we would enjoy gaming like we do even the worst games entertain u for a few



goonow said:

The footage they showed us was so broken up i really dont know what to think. Just when you think they are going to show you how a certain part of the game works; they cut to another scene. It was a crazy trailer.



BertoFlyingFox said:

When he says melee does he mean the multiple-choice QTEs? I didnt see any other type of melee in the trailer, must've missed it.

Even with multiple choices, I dont like QTEs, would be grand if I could just watch the cinematic play out in this cinematic video game.

Anyway, I'm interested in The Order for its story and cinematic cutscenes, but the cover-based gameplay and QTEs will probably shy me away from buying it new.



ShogunRok said:

Hoping that the gameplay isn't too "on rails" and there's a severe lack of freedom when it comes to movement. But like what's been said, it's too early to tell, and the stunted and pretty unappealing gameplay footage that Sony has released doesn't really help anyone.



N711 said:

Yea I also think the footages were not the best but btw in Uncharted golden Abyss the melee combats are QTE with a lot of swiping but the game is still great so I just keep my mind open and will try to enjoy the game as it is and not expecting the game to be exactly the way I want it to be



JaxonH said:

I'm not gonna hate on this game, because it really does look promising (ya, the 30fps is disappointing but I've played AND ENJOYED many 30fps games before, so that is not a dealbreaker). But I'm also not going to blindly praise it, because it doesn't look too different than what's been done so many times before. I'll do what I always do for new games- wait for the reviews, watch some gameplay videos and make a determination based off my findings. Hopefully, this game turns out to be really good.



Shaolin said:

I say let's not rush to draw conclusions just quite yet. The game "looks" great already and we should give it a fair chance to prove itself in the gameplay department. I'm not saying that it will be the most innovative gameplay since sliced bread poker because it could still turn out to be boring but let's not write it off just quite yet especially when so much effort has gone into making it look this good.

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