There’s always pent up demand for fresh properties and experiences on new platforms, but after playing Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, we think that we can just about cope with a year of PlayStation 4 ports. Crystal Dynamics’ sublime survival reboot really does look the part on Sony’s next-gen machine, with the framerate and resolution bumps in particular making it one of the most stunning games that we’ve ever played – and that's despite it originally being intended for previous generation systems.

One title that we reckon would particularly benefit from the bump provided by new hardware is The Last of Us, which already looked exceptional on the PlayStation 3, but would practically dazzle on Sony’s new device. And it’s something that could happen according to creative director Neil Druckmann – you just need to make enough noise. “We have such limited resources, and it's a question of where you put the resources,” he told "It's something where we can have a feel of where the demand is, and where our time is best spent.”

The developer added that it’ll “figure” something out as it moves forwards. Personally, we reckon that the studio would be best outsourcing this project to a trusted third-party such as Bluepoint Games, which is probably what will end up happening. It seems like you’re going to have to shout about first, though, and there’s no better place to do so than in the comments section. So, would you play last year’s survival horror opus again on your brand new burly black box? Call out like a clicker in the space below.