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Destroy Friendships with PS4 Brawler TowerFall: Ascension on 11th March

Posted by Kell Andersen

Last man standing

If you're looking for a unique multiplayer experience on your PlayStation 4, and you've already given Tiny Brains a thorough test, allow us to direct your attention towards indie darling TowerFall: Ascension. Originally an Ouya exclusive, this competitive brawler features charming 8-bit visuals and a combat system that's simple to learn but incredibly difficult to master. If this all sounds a bit vague, check out the trailer.

The title was initially slated for an early 2014 release when it was announced during Spike TV's auspicious launch event, and it has now been confirmed that it'll be landing on the next-gen marvel on 11th March in North America. What's more, the PS4 version will come packed with a slew of extra features, including 50 new levels and a completely original co-operative quest mode.

Does this title's distinct brand of malicious multiplayer mayhem appeal to you? Has its retro charm shot an arrow straight to your heart? Let us know in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

Stupid question, but does this include online multiplayer? I know it's designed around local play, but I can't see myself buying three DualShock 4s - that's like £150.



Epic said:

If I wanted to destroy friendships I would just play Mario Party 2 with friends xD



k_andersen said:

@get2sammyb I've no idea actually. I checked the PS Blog post about it, and there was no mention of online multiplayer. Kinda seems like a no brainer....



k_andersen said:

@Epic That unholy game not only destroys friendships, it destroys controllers too. My poor N64 controllers never knew what hit 'em!



Scollurio said:

Can't wait for this. @getsammy2b I always have 2 controllers on whatever system I have, firstly as a replacement if one should break (xbox 360 controllers for example) and of course to have a second one if a friend drops by etc... for bigger sessions, I usually invite my friends over via BYOC (bring your own controller). If you have friends, that don't have a PS4 you gotta check your friendship criteria (j/k of course).



scarecrowknife said:

Looks like it could be ok. But a ps4 game. C Mon. I didnt spend 400 odd quid to play phone games. Mightly disappointed by the complete lack of games so far. Wheres the variety. We have nothing to compare to forza or dead rising our main exclusive is knack. A children's game. Am beginning to regret my buy



Scollurio said:

@scarecrowknife Well if you regret your buy I can just say you should have informed yourself before shelling out 400 quid, and by the way, do you only play first party exclusives? I don't and I find plenty to play on my PS4. Btw so far there was a FAR WORSE drought of games with every other console launch I've experienced so far, PS4 is the best one to be honest. But this is nothing new, you could have easily waited until may 2014 to get your PS4 when the big hitters are arriving/have arrived.

@get2sammyb wholeheartedly agreed, games like this take me back to the wonder days of 4 player bomber man sessions on my SNES, screaming, yelling, eating snacks and having fun! Yay!



scarecrowknife said:

We're getting a bomberman clone of sorts next week. Me and my brother used to play joust for hours. Also played super sprint for hours. But id still be dissapointed if it was released as is on a ps4. Didnt the ps1 have beat em ups, racers and a fps as release games. I dont see that much justification from jumping from Microsoft to Sony. Was expecting more than just delays. If id have known the games I were looking forward to were getting so delayed I would have waited.

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