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Chlotz Is Your New Best Friend in Vita Title Conception II

Posted by Edwin Garcia

Saving the world got a whole lot easier

A new challenger appears, donning some bright red hair. Atlus has introduced Chlotz, your newest companion in PlayStation Vita title Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. He may seem like a goofy kid that is outmatched all the time, but he makes up for it by having a big heart. It also helps that he is a bit of a computer whiz.

He does sound like a very loveable character, as Atlus' description of him follows:

A steadfast companion from the very beginning, Chlotz is always willing to sacrifice anything to help his friends, or slap some common sense into people. Even if he's horribly outmatched with no chance of winning, he's always there to step in if it means he can help save a life. The same can be said for when he's outmatched by some of the S-Rank girls. Even if he can't win over the affections of one on his own, he's always ready to hand out relationship insight to God's Gift. Most of it is usually good, too!

So in a nutshell, the stranger you meet on the way to your first day of school rapidly becomes your best friend, and despite his general doofusness, lack of tact, and clownism, he winds up being one of the strongest supporting characters in all of Conception II... Sound familiar?

He also has a super genius older sister named Chloe, who sets the bar very high for Chlotz. She is so smart, in fact, that she has been promoted to the role of teacher at Aterra Academy. You can look forward to seeing more of the duo when the game releases on 15th April in North America. It's slated for a European launch later this year as a digital-only title.

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SometimeAboutAI said:

Can't wait till this game comes out. it looks to play like SMT. sounds just like Yosuke from Persona 4



WickedKnightAl said:

So, the first game proceeding this one didn't get released in English.

Hoping the stories are self-contained, without too many references to the first one.

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