Deep Down

You could comfortably argue that Deep Down is the best looking PlayStation 4 exclusive announced at the moment, but publisher Capcom doesn’t agree. Despite originally being poised to poke its way into beta around the time of the next generation console’s launch in Japan, the company has now confirmed that eager gamers may be waiting until after the summer to step into their medieval armour.

“About Deep Down, I think that we'll give full fledged information to everyone after the summer, so you may have to wait for a little while beyond the launch [of the PS4] on 22nd February,” said producer Kazunori Sugiura in an interview with Dengeki Online. “Since we don't want to risk being told ‘This could have been done on the PlayStation 3' we want to finish a game that fully uses the PS4's hardware specs.”

We suppose that it’s an admirable move, but the cynic in us can’t help but wonder if it has bigger issues with the title’s ambitious concept. For those out of the loop, the free-to-play title will see you travelling through time to fight a variety of beasts in randomly generated dungeons. But despite already boasting the fanciest fire physics that we’ve ever seen, the developer clearly believes that it can polish them up a little further. We’re expecting some seriously hot stuff when the title eventually deploys.

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