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Borderlands 2 Is the Purple Loot Your PS Vita Deserves

Posted by Sammy Barker

Cross-save, six expansion packs, online co-op, and more

Sony’s on a crusade to resurrect the PlayStation Vita in North America, as its dropping bombs all over the shop in Los Angeles right now. In addition to confirming the handheld’s slimmed down model mere moments ago, the company has also deployed some details on the system’s previously revealed Borderlands 2 port. And it sounds amazing.

If you can get over the fact that the game’s already quite old, it appears that the platform holder’s putting together the ultimate version of the shooter. Speaking during a media briefing in North America, executive John Koller confirmed that the handheld re-release will include all six of the game’s post-release add-on packs, and will feature full cross-save with the PlayStation 3 version.

Even better, all of the co-operative features from the original title will make a return, while the unique touch interfaces present on the portable itself will offer an easy option for you to pan around maps and manage your inventory. The port’s due out this Spring alongside the newly redesigned handheld. Who’s heading back to Pandora? Crack open our vault in the comments section below.


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Reverandjames said:

I didn't manage to beat Borderlands 2, or play any of the DLC, so this is ideal for me. I am really intrigued to see how it runs on a handheld. Maybe this will be the first true HD console gaming experience on Vita, and will open the gateway for more.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Bombs? LOL! Old ports is what i'm seeing, no exclusives announced still. The only wise move they did was pack in Borderlands 2 and even then i'm fairly certain it will turn out bad and fairly certain it might not be (They wouldn't bundle a bad game will they?)

Also need i remind you all of the previous ports by Sony?



Epic said:

I sorta agree with @Big-Boss this isn't a bomb, after all everyone that's subscribed to PS+ already has the game for ps3 but is still a great addition to the library.
I still want to know how on earth the control layout is gonna work for each button, after all bl2 uses every single button on the ps3 and all are considered essential.
I hope parties some cross play announcements soon, this could really work well with pan parties if its so.



Splat said:

One of my favorite FPS's ever... That is coming from someone that didn't really care that much for the first one. The Tiny Tina DLC is just amazing.



eLarkos said:

In addition to all the other reasons i think this is a bad idea, this game is just not suited to a handheld. I really think Sony just dont get handhelds. I get the want for an fps on a handheld but this game is way too large for bite sized play. Online co-op?? How is this appropriate for on the move gaming. This game is clearly designed for a home console.



Jo_Jo718 said:

@Big-Boss I couldn't agree more, where on earth are the original Bioshock that Ken Levine promised at E32011, a localization of Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice Delta, a reveal trailer with release window of Gravity Rush 2?!
alongside some NEW games like a third Dissidia, an exclusive God of War title like the PSP ones, INfamous (was teased a few months ago), heck even Medievil and Wild Arms deserve more the chance to come back than this port barrage.



UNC5052 said:

I don't think it has all of the DLC, as I didn't see Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep or Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt listed.



ShogunRok said:

I'm not a huge fan of Borderlands 2, but I have to admit that carrying it around with me is very appealing. System seller? Hmmmm.



JaxonH said:

Um, not sure if a Borderlands 2 port, GoW Collection ports and Final Fantasy X/X-2 ports are going to turn the system into a massive success, but you can bet I'll be buying and playing every single one of them! Heck, bring on the Rachet & Clank Into the Nexus port, I'll buy that too lol...



Lionhart said:

THIS IS THE STUFF! Y'all KNOW I am buying this. Playing Borderlands 2 on the PS3 this past week with my sister but HECK yeah I am buying this to play on my PS Vita. There is nothing better than carry around Borderlands in ya pocket. What I want even more is BioShock Infinite on the PS Vita.



Scollurio said:

Yeah. Got it on my 360 back in the day but stopped playing after a while. As a portable game, this is perfect!



artemisthemp said:

So I can play the game, when I am out on my Vita and then continue on my PS3 , when I get home



AhabSpampurse said:

Ideal for me, I'm looking to pick me up a vita round about March, and my free copy of BL2 is sat on my PS3 waiting to be started. Being a big commuter and having dabbled in Monster Hunter Ultimate, cross platform play is



ZeD said:

Don't forget that the system is selling in USA for $200! That is only £120! Why do we get ripped off in the UK?!



bbq_boy said:

I'm stoked for this! Huge replayability and loot is always good in my book. (My pc was weak so couldnt play this game properly). More ports = bigger library and that means greater choice for me. I doubt every gamer has ever completed every triple AAA game in the world. Bring on GTA, red dead redemption, skyrim, fallout, Xcom, civilisation, the sim, simcity, dead souls and more plz Sony!!!!

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