The Creative Assembly recently dumped a handful of impressive screenshots for upcoming title Alien: Isolation on its official blog, and we're liking what we see. The survival horror sees Amanda Ripley, daughter of the original film's protagonist, stranded on a space station, and stalked by a lone and particularly unfriendly Xenomorph. As these atmospheric images demonstrate, the Horsham-based developer is trying its absolute darndest to create a game that stays true to the visual style of the classic franchise.

Sketchy plot notwithstanding, the title's proposed commitment to a more traditional and claustrophobic atmosphere is filling us with confidence, and, at the very least, we're certain that it'll be miles better than that other Aliens game. Unfortunately, we've signed several UN treaties that preclude us from physically typing that monstrosity's actual name, but we figure that you probably know which one we're talking about. What do you make of these deliciously retro screenshots? Are you excited for this unique take on the Aliens franchise? Nuke it from orbit in the comments section below.