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A New Video of PS4 Title The Order: 1886 Will Hit the Victorian Cobbles Tomorrow

Posted by Sammy Barker

Wait for the clock to strike

Sony has completed work on its time machine and is getting ready to fire it up tomorrow. Writing on its official Twitter page, the platform holder confirmed that a brand new The Order: 1886 trailer will be deployed on Tuesday at 14:00PM GMT (06:00AM PST/09:00AM EST), which will mark our first look at the PlayStation 4 shooter since E3 last summer.

It’s almost certain that this sneak peek will feature gameplay footage of the alternate history exclusive, as developer Ready at Dawn recently uploaded an image of a movie theatre about to show a fresh demo of the upcoming game. The studio has spent the past few months teasing the quality of the title’s visuals, so all eyes will be on whether it can deliver.

With a Fall release date on the agenda, are you counting down the seconds until protagonist Galahad and crew step out of their horse drawn carriage? Stare intently at Big Ben in the comments section below.


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fullyilly said:

Bring it on, this is looking like the one game worth switching my PS4 back on for



3rdEyeMind said:


It's obvious he means he hasn't got any means to turn it back on. Exactly my situation....but i don't see it as a bad thing. I see it as the usual drought that comes with new consoles.

The Vita is my go-to console right now. Far more games that appeal to me. Then i am going back to the PS3 for South Park: TSOT.

I think my next PS4 game is Thief.

Anyway, back on topic....i am curious to see what this game entails.



charlesnarles said:

I'm really hoping it isn't corny! But that's just the cynic in me; can't wait to finally see more tomorrow



3Above said:

You know you're excited for a game when you want to skip work to see a trailer lol. Cant wait!



kupoid said:

Finally!!! After the over-hyped disappointment that is Titanfall (from what I've played of the beta), I need a new shooter to look forward to. Hopefully Ready at Dawn hasn't been exaggerating about this one...

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