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You're Not Going to Be Able to Watch EastEnders on the Vita Any Time Soon

Posted by Sammy Barker

Dubba dubba

Watching full episodes of EastEnders via the Game Gear’s chunky television adapter was a real technological breakthrough back in the early 90s, but it’s not so impressive anymore. Unfortunately, while the PlayStation Vita is fully capable of taking us on a technicolour tour of Walford, the BBC seems less keen on the idea.

Responding to a comment on a blog post regarding the PlayStation 4 iteration of the free catch-up application iPlayer, product manager Peter Lasko admitted that the legendary broadcaster has no “immediate plans” to bring the service to Sony’s handheld machine. Given the company’s close alliance with the Japanese manufacturer, we suppose that that could change – but don’t hold your breath.

It’s a bit of a shame really, as the portable’s colossal screen is much more attractive than the average high-definition display. Then again, you probably wouldn’t want to examine Danny Dyer’s five o’clock shadow in such pristine quality. Would you use an iPlayer app on your favourite pocketable platform? Tune in courtesy of the comments section below.


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jpelgrom said:

Well, they should bring that Netflix app to the EU! It's been out in the US since launch, and nothing has even been said about a release in Europe.



get2sammyb said:

@jpelgrom Agreed. I think the Vita would benefit from as many of these apps as Sony can secure. The device's battery life won't making using them ideal, but it's nice to have the option when the main television's occupied, etc.



yamipuff said:

I don't think I'd ever use BBC iPlayer on the Vita. I never found the Vita's screen that good. Fair enough its miles better than the 3DS, but I would rather watch it on my Phone or Tablet. Each would be better quality and easier to use than the Vita.



get2sammyb said:

@yamipuff Obviously a lot of phones have amazing quality screens, so that's fair. I don't know, though - I still think the Vita's screen is insanely impressive.



yamipuff said:

Yes, it is very impressive for a portable gaming console. I wish Nintendo would take the approach of a higher display screen. Yes it has an interesting 3D Effect, but the screen itself is rather blurry. I think for those who don't have higher display screens on their phones or tablets, but have a Vita then it would be a good choice for them to use BBC iPlayer. It's rather silly that the BBC would make an app for many devices but skip the Vita. They are missing an audience there.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Ive never watched any HD video content on the vita but I'll give it a go. As for the iPlayer, its awful. Its five years out of date. It needs a serious upgrade. Even watching it on fibre broadband it freaks out, a lot of content isn't HD, where is the fast/scroll forward or back? It just jumps through chunks of content, plain stupid. I'm going to watch some HD content on remote play and through the web browser and see how it does.



belmont said:

My Game Gear TV Turner still works. However both of my Game Gears are faulty. The one has no sound and the other no picture!



Munkyknuts said:

I don't have a vita, held held gaming doesn't appeal to me beyond an excuse to not make eye contact with anyone on public transport. That said it seems silly that the most isn't made of the vitas entertainment potential. It's screen is large and sexy enough to play PS4 games so it would be just spiffing for catch up TV or on demand movies.



chazaroonie said:

@belmont my GameGear has no sound either but the tv tuner no longer picks up tv stations as its analogue and the tv signal in the UK is now digital. I used it as my main tv when I was in Uni so got plenty of use out of it. Shame though, I love the YouTube app on vita I would use the iPlayer app too. I hope the BBC changes it's mind.



617Sqn said:

I would love the iplayer radio app, but iplayer tv is best on a big tv. (and anyone who watches east enders has not got the I.Q to tie there own laces)



belmont said:

@chazaroonie We still have analogue signal here so I still open the TV turner sometimes, for fan. I use the Game Gear that has the working screen with external speakers (even though it has no sound speakers and headphones work) and, of course, external power! I tried hunting down a used Game Gear but all that I found have this sound problem.



chazaroonie said:

@belmont I've never looked into having it repaired, everything else works fine, haven't thought to use speakers. I'll give it a try. The screen seems pretty tiny next to the vita now though and it feels so big in your hands. Still fills me with joy every time I pick it up as it brings back memories of playing Olympic gold multiplayer on the school field. I have the master gear adaptor and a magnifying attachment too. I was all over the GameGear.



belmont said:

@chazaroonie Yeah the screen and the overall unit pales in comparison to Vita but since Game Gear was my first handheld I have childhood memories of it with games like Sonic, Mortal Kombat, Nba jam and many more. Except the TV turner the only other accessory I had was the official AC adapter. It may be just nostalgia but I still love my Game Gear.



chazaroonie said:

@belmont loved sonic, shinobi, super Monaco 1&2, castle of illusion.....there were so many. I've got over 20 games and their cardboard boxes. Always thought it would be worth a fortune. Nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia every now and then though.




@chazaroonie @belmont
My game gear is long since gone, but how about modding? The speaker should be an easy enough swap with a little solder.

I did see a while ago a girl who had modded a GG with a new low power screen, rechargeable batteries and better speakers!



chazaroonie said:

@KALofKRYPTON not sure I'd be brave enough to attempt the work myself but it may be worth investigating. I have family who are more competent than I that may look at replacing the speakers. Thanks for the advice.



yamipuff said:

@get2sammyb I stand corrected! Just bought a Vita and the screen is actually stunning for games! I sometimes just want to stop playing and just admire the quality xD I think the BBC iPlayer App would benefit on Vita!

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