Zealous Killzone: Shadow Fall admirers have been tearing into the title's terrific multiplayer suite for a few months now, but the ability to create and manage clans still remains notably absent. Fans of the frenetic first-person franchise can now breathe a sigh of relief, though, as developer Guerrilla Games has announced that the missing features will soon be locked and loaded.

"We apologise for the time that it's taking to implement our full vision for the clan system," the company stated on the official Killzone website. "To make the wait more bearable, we've decided to roll out clan features in multiple phases." The first of these proposed steps will appear in February, and will take the form of a patch adding the ability to create and manage clans, as well as a few other basic functionalities.

While we're still a little baffled that these features weren't available at launch, it's difficult to stay mad at a developer trying so hard to satisfy its fans. Oh, and all of those free DLC packs are probably helping, too. Have you been shooting your way through Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer, or have you been waiting for these expanded social capabilities? Reload in the comments section below.

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