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You May Be Touring the Dark Dungeons of PS4 Exclusive Deep Down After All

Posted by Sammy Barker

Going underground

Capcom’s curious free-to-play online adventure Deep Down may have been announced alongside the PlayStation 4 in New York City, but the Japanese publisher has only committed to a launch in its home nation thus far. Fortunately, a couple of European and North American trademarks have indicated that the macabre medieval excursion – which is actually set in the future – could be shaking its sword overseas.

We still don’t really know a whole lot about the ambitious release, other than that it sees you travelling through time and taking down giant monsters with magic and sharp objects. A trailer deployed over the festive break showed some of the enemies that you’ll encounter in the title’s procedurally generated dungeons – and also a Christmas tree. Is this a title that you’re hoping to fall in love with? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.


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chazaroonie said:

The trailers for this have looked pretty impressive and have piqued my interest but I don't think we know enough about it to get too excited. I'm hoping for more news in the coming weeks/months that will excite me and make deep down a must have. The free to play titles so far released on ps4 haven't grabbed me as much as I thought they would so here's hoping this can buck that trend.



Jaz007 said:

Hope it comes out over here soon, if it's as good as Warframe, then I'll be sinking some good time into it. I hope it doesn't suffer from the same problem though, that I would live to pay some money to get a rebalanced version of the game that isn't designed to make you want to spend some money.



get2sammyb said:

@chazaroonie I think I'm just curious how much variety there'll be. We've seen the fight against the dragon, but is that it? It could get stale very fast if that's the case. I honestly worry if this was being made as a tech demo for its new engine, and Capcom's decided to add in some microtransactions and turn it into a game.



InsertNameHere said:

The beta will go live when the PS4 launches in Japan, so we should get a lot more detailed info then, if not sooner. Out of all the F2P titles announced, Planetside 2, Deep Down and Onigiri (though I'm not sure it's leaving Japan) have me the most excited, so I'm expecting big things.



Hokage17 said:

Meh, this game being F2P makes it very hard for me to take it seriously.



Gmork___ said:

im pretty excited despite the time travelling thing. i really want this to turn out great.



Ps4all said:

I thought Deep Down had the most impressive trailer of all the games shown at the PlayStation meeting last February. I don't know how I feel about free to play yet though. I just hope Capcom doesn't mess it up, their track record hasn't been the greatest as of late.



Spidernoir said:

F2P isn't bad if handled right (DCUO).

You also have to take into account that this is a F2P built from the ground up, it isn't like most F2P games, where it was built as P2P with F2P forced in.



Grieva said:

Its capcom, like mh they will rape it in Japan before letting us have a version. F2P could ruin this, but I am curious. Looks like Dark souls.



GraveLordXD said:

Kinda wish they would have just made another dragons dogma and added online to it
@get2sammyb I'm worried about that I sure hope that's not the case

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