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Why Is No One Talking About Vita Brawler Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds?

Posted by Sammy Barker

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In an age where game development costs rival summer blockbusters, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the industry to find space for hidden gems. Once the crown jewel of the PSone era, these relatively unknown titles have become less common outside of the indie space. Fortunately, they still exist in Japan, where outings such as Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds can get a retail release on the PlayStation Vita.

Already available on the Xbox 360 – and due out on the PlayStation 4 at some point in the future – the Mages developed brawler fuses the progression system of seminal action game Guardian Heroes with the pixelated art style of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Due out on 27th February, the pocketable port's physical edition will come with a bunch of bonus characters, a CD soundtrack, and an art book.

There’s no word on a Western release just yet, but we demand that this makes its way overseas. The excellent Dragon’s Crown may already be dominating the beat-‘em-up space, but there’s always room for one more brawler as far as we’re concerned. Plus, check out the gameplay footage embedded below and try to tell us that this doesn’t look like it packs a punch.


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fchinaski said:

It seems more fast-paced than Scott Pilgrim, which is good. As much as I loved SP, it was painfully slow-paced at times, especially at the beginning when your levels are low.



Artie said:

@Savino I agree. Looks amazing, axe that coin/gem dropping noise and I'm in! Too much high pitch! Won't be able to play around dogs.

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