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Whoa, the PS4 Sold Over Half a Million Units in the UK Last Year

Posted by Kell Andersen

Happy New Year

It's a new year, which means that it's time for unachievable resolutions, mounting guilt due to monstrous backlogs, and, assuming that you went to a good party, ear splitting headaches. It also means looking back over what was an utterly stupendous year for our beloved platform holder. And what better way to get started than with a fresh batch of phenomenal PlayStation 4 sales figures.

MCV reports that the shiny black box sold a gargantuan 530,000 units in only four weeks in the UK. For those of you purely interested in cold hard cash, that amounts to a staggering £181.8 million ($300.5 million) of revenue. What's more, the machine outsold its nearest competitor, the Xbox One, by an admirable 166,000 units. We're betting that all those people that keep harping on about console gaming being dead are dutifully eating a slice of humble pie. Of course, that is assuming that they're even sentient after a night of New Year's Eve debauchery.

Have you picked up Sony's next-gen marvel, or have you not been able to nab one due to those pesky shortages? Say hello to 2014 in the comments section below.


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HandandInternet said:

That's because most people want to buy a capable gaming platform not an entertainment platform, most Smart TVs can do what the Xbox One can.



get2sammyb said:

I'm genuinely impressed by that figure - that's pretty amazing. It's even more incredible when you consider that the UK was undoubtedly 'Xbox-land' for the entirety of this generation. Of course, a positive start is brilliant, but Sony needs to keep its foot on the gas.



InsertNameHere said:

@HandandInternet I agree, Microsoft seems to have prioritized multimedia and put gaming second, while it looks like Sony thought about both equally.

Everytime I go to Walmart, I always head over to the electronics section (to drool over the Vitas and reassure one of them that they will be mine) I always see a ton of Xbones, but never any PS4's. Of course, if you ask a certain fanboy, it's because "Microsoft cares enough to keep them in stock".



FullbringIchigo said:

I haven't got one yet, I have too many PS3 games to finnish and too many games out this year on PS3 for me to buy

the PS3 isn't dead yet at least to me the next gen can wait

but I will get one later this year maybe in about 6 months for my birthday



get2sammyb said:

@FullbringIchigo I think that's an absolutely fine attitude to adopt. I've played my PS3 way more over the holiday break, too, as I just have so much to play on it. You don't really need a PS4 right now - it's a cool console, though, and will be even more awesome by the time you do eventually pick it up.



ReigningSemtex said:

I managed to get the ps4 a few days after release from Shopto and it was definitely my first choice for console purely for the better exclusive games. I also plan on getting a XBone at some point this year but lately all I have been playing is ps3 all the ps+ game downloads have been great and along with this awesome sale Sony has impressed me lately.



Hokage17 said:

I'm actually holding out until March when the really good games start coming out, hopefully they have some kind of Infamous bundle. In the meantime I'm gonna catch up on some good ol 3DS. PlayStation is where my heart is but still gotta show Nintendo some love.



Gemuarto said:

Eh, this is really hard time for PS4 owners. 3 month of no new AAA realeses at all. =(((... And no sales of PS4 games on PSN, too =(.



Carl-G said:

Well done SONY I never thought at the start of last year that i would have a SEXY PS4 under my (U.K) TV in 2013 I hope SONY smashes the competition in 2014. The PS4 is ACE



GraveLordXD said:

Great to see the ps4 selling so great everywhere
After dark souls 2 I'll get mine by that time it should be easy to find



Spidernoir said:


That comment confused me too, a few games come out each month.

I still haven't bought Killzone Shadow Fall, Lego Marvel, Knack. Still need to finish Escape Plan, Trine 2, and Contrast.

FFXIV Beta comes out in Feb for PS4, Rayman Legends is coming to PS4 in Feb as well.

He did say AAA, however I assume a lot of PS fans play non AAA games as well, if so the coming months should be fine.



Gamer83 said:


Yup, and fortunately the first part of next year is looking strong. I'd still like to see Sony make some third party deals though. MS is smart in locking up the likes of Dead Rising and Titanfall, aside from Halo those are, or in the case of Titanfall will be, bigger than any first party franchise MS has. Bigger than anything Sony has as well except for maybe Gran Turismo. Even Nintendo is making deals like the one to get Bayonetta 2 and there's an unannounced third party exclusive for Wii U in the works. Sony should see about locking up MGS V at the very least. But anything from Rockstar, especially GTA, or Watch_Dogs would be a bigger shot fired. I still think W_D will be big despite its recent showings being very below average.

It starts getting good in Feb. though, January for the few who were interested but never got around to playing Tomb Raider. February has Thief and then inFamous in March, I'm hoping DriveClub makes March too. I'm not sold on it but it has potential to be a great racer and what they're offering of it to Plus subscribers is nice as well. There's also MGS Ground Zeroes and possibly Watch_Dogs in the spring. These launch windows are always slow but at least it doesn't seem like PS4 will have a slow first 3 years like PS3 did. Good Lord did the PS3 suck until 2009.



Gemuarto said:

@Gamer83 @Spidernoir @DVS

I mean, from PS4 launch to Thief realese, it's about 3 month of no new AAA games for PS4. I can't call Tomb Raider new AAA game.=). I already beat Killzone, Knack, Contrast and need one trophy to platinum Resogun =). And after that, only game that I want to check is AC4... So you suggest me to play AC4 for two month, untill Thief will come out? =)))... I hope Don't Starve is really interesting =).

It's no wonder that people still play PS3 more than PS4 =). But starting from March, there are so many games for PS4. I wish one of them come out in January while I have a lot of free time.



Gamer83 said:


I think AC IV was one of the best of 2013. If you like any of the past AC games, definitely give IV a try.

I'm also hoping Don't Starve is good but if not I still have plenty of Vita games to get through while waiting for Thief. I still need to play Tearaway.



Gemuarto said:

@Gamer83 I have a lot of PSV and PS3 games to beat, too. But after PS4, I feel like I'm missing something playing them =). Especially PS3 games.

I tried every AC game before, but never finished any... So I am a little bit hesitant to start AC4 =). And waiting for price drop or something like that. I like pirate theme, though.Only because of it, I still considering to play AC4 =).



Gamer83 said:


I'd definitely recommend waiting a little longer on AC IV. I could see a sale in the not too distant future for that game either for Plus subscribers or at retail. AC games usually drop in price after a couple months so we're near that time.

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