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Whoa, PS4 Software Sales Are Swiftly Outpacing the Xbox One in the UK

Posted by Kell Andersen

Greatness sells

Intense console rivalry may not be healthy or productive, but it sure can be a lot of fun – especially when you're on the winning side. We've known for a while that the PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One in the UK, but it's been a week or two since we've had some fancy numbers to gloat about. PlayStation UK boss Fergal Gara is on hand to save the day, though, bringing the world yet another astonishing Sony sales figure. Speaking at an event attended by this morning, the company bigwig postulated that the PS4 to Xbox One sales ratio in the UK currently sits at around 1.5:1.

While this figure may seem fairly insignificant at first, when you consider that we're talking about millions of units here, it quickly becomes clear how impressive it really is. With that said, we already knew that just about every living human bought one of Sony's next-gen systems, so this doesn't really come as too huge a surprise.

Interestingly, Gara also noted that this ratio is actually reversed from the last generation of consoles, which, again, isn't particularly surprising considering the PlayStation 3's slow start. What do you make of these astounding sales numbers? Do some complicated maths in the comments section below.


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Reverandjames said:

I owned an Xbox 360 since 2006, and picked up a PS3 in late 2012, I habe no interest in buying an Xbox One whatsoever, but I want a PS4 so bad, I don't k ow what it is about the sony effect. I think it maybe because Sony, like the slogan have made this console "for the players" and not the casuals, like Microsoft and have still outperformed them. They deserve a lot of respect.



Shaolin said:

Please, please, please, I beg of you no more of these articles/posts. I have always been a PlayStation fan and have yet to own an Xbox but I am becoming a little disheartened when the PlayStation community is being encouraged by the media (including this website) to have chips on their shoulders. I hate to say it but I never remember Xbox fans ever being guided by the media against me or other PlayStation fans in quite the same way. Look it's not my intention to come on here and tell you guys how to write articles on your own website but just know that there are long time fans like myself who find these type of articles distasteful, I actually find it quite off putting. Is it too much to ask for PS4's sales achievement to be celebrated without having to even mention Xbox, like as if 4 million sales is only worth being happy about because it's more than Xbox. As an experiment I went to OXM's website and their journalists and community is so chilled out by comparison and it's rare to see the name "PS4" appear in their comments. It's like a dog in a back garden having a whale of a time running around and generally enjoying being outside - do you think the dog will stop enjoying itself to quizzically ponder whether it's having a better time than the dog next door?



Weskerb said:

@Shaolin Dog is dog. Human is human. It's not enough for people to succeed, they also need to know that others failed.



Carl-G said:

Please, please, please, I beg of you do more of these articles/posts...
I like reading 'GOOD' PS News because since i have been on the internet(2007) i have had to put up with daily Negative SONY/PS3 News from 99% of gaming sites, so it's nice for a change to see SONY beating MS really & i enjoy reading about it



Gamer83 said:


It was a tough time for PlayStation fans back around 2006-2008. The Xbots were in full force. I'm not saying I love the fanboy wars (though they can be entertaining) but there was doom and gloom and hate on Sony every damn day. Stuff like this is very muted compared to what was going on back then. Articles every day about how PS3 failed, Sony should quit gaming, Nintendolts and Xbots praying to the 'Gaming Gods' that Sony would disappear. I'm not exaggerating either, there's a reason some Sony fans have gone at the Xbox fans a bit. Me? I'm a fanboy of one thing, good games, regardless of platform, but it is what it is, we all have preferences, some stronger than others and if they feel they took too much ribbing from people on opposite sides years ago, nothing wrong with giving a little back as long as it doesn't go too far. And this article hardly qualifies as being fanboyish or any of that nonsense. Also make no mistake if the situation were reversed Xbox fans would be loving it.



Shaolin said:

@Gamer83 @iSolipsistJudas @Wesker @Carl-G

You see the problem isn't whether there were more or worse Xbox louts back in the day. The issue here is that the vast majority of the PlayStation community is being encouraged to gloat and enjoy fanboyism in a way that Xbox publications never have or even do now.

I think gloating is silly and perhaps premature in any case. My parents (and I hope everyone else's parents) taught me that two wrongs don't make a right and I feel that advice is particularly relevant here.

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