A few days ago, Naughty Dog's community strategist Eric Monacelli took to the comments section of a PlayStation Blog post to discuss details surrounding The Last of Us' impending story DLC, Left Behind. One opportunistic fan made some bold remarks in regards to a Game of the Year edition of the survival horror, as well as the odds of Uncharted PS4 making an appearance in 2014, and Monacelli's responses were alarming.

The wording of his comments suggested that neither of these hotly anticipated products were likely to launch any time soon. Thankfully, the staffer quickly responded to the public outcry by stressing that he was actually referring to a question about Easter eggs in the upcoming add-on. "I answer the questions when replying. The only question was the Easter egg question," he said in a statement to PlayStation Lifestyle. "A lot of passion and gossip happening otherwise."

While not concrete evidence, this clarification could possibly signal that we'll be seeing the new Uncharted sooner rather than later. What's more, it may make some of our New Year predictions seem profoundly prophetic. Are you excited for a next-gen Uncharted? Would you be interested in a re-release of The Last of Us, or are you satisfied with last year's model? Speculate wildly in the comments section below.

[via playstationlifestyle.net]