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Vita Exclusive Toukiden: The Age of Demons Summons a Four Minute Animated Trailer

Posted by Robert Ramsey

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Sometimes there's no better way to begin a game than to barrage the player with a nicely animated movie – preferably one that's backed by some catchy Japanese rock. Unfortunately the latter isn't used here, but Tecmo Koei has seen fit to release a whole four minute animation for its upcoming oni-slaying adventure Toukiden: The Age of Demons almost a month before the release hits store shelves.

Featuring mobs of monsters and a harrowing introduction to the title's endangered world, the video has certainly helped to get our hype flowing. We should probably warn you about the wince-inducing sword-to-eye attack that occurs towards the end, though. Will you be cleaving your way through the demonic hordes in February? Join our scantily clad militia in the comments section below.


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Grieva said:

Preordered the day it was able to be Preordered! Played the jap demo about 7 months ago and was hooked, it scratches the Monster Hunter itch nicely.



Sanquine said:

Going to get this! People maybe we need to start hunting games on the forum?



Lionhart said:

This looks really good. Looks I'll be picking up Child of Light, Bravely Default and Toukiden this year.



divinelite said:

This game is as nearly as it could be for monster Hunter in vita
Together with same day release with danganroppa (and with ff13-3 too) this will be day I spend so much money



JaxonH said:

I thought about buying this, seeing as it's the closest I've seen a game get the MH formula right. But there's something about it that just seems, idk, off. Maybe it's the speed of movement, or maybe the fact the small monsters budge over a few inches every time you hit them, like a statue being pushed... or maybe it's just the fact I play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate all the time and it's odd seeing something so close to the formula be so different at the same time.

Idk, I'm definitely eyeing this one, but I may just have to stick with good ol' MH3U...



mibtar said:

Can't wait to slay those onis and to team up with those hot chicks.



GraveLordXD said:

@JaxonH lol yeah from what you told me before I think its due to you playing MH all the time and notice all the little differences speaking of which I need to get back into that soon maybe after darksouls 2
Yeah I just preordered this along with 5 other games and downloaded 2 games yesterday off psn geez

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