Sony’s next generation console has officially attained must-have gadget status, as evidenced by this bizarre New Year padding post by a Nottingham newspaper. The story plots the toils of a “spoiled" family Christmas, after British retailer Argos failed to deliver the recently released PlayStation 4 on time. There were tears as far as we can tell.

Apparently, the parents of 11-year-old Deakon Roe ordered one of the sought after systems on 17th December – presumably after reading one of our stock updates on the subject. The guardians were told that the £458 gift would arrive in time for 25th December, but frequent delays saw it pushed back until after the big day.

"We had to sit Deakon down on Christmas Eve and tell him that he had nothing for Christmas,” said Nicola Roe, the youngster’s mum. “He said, 'It's okay mum, don't cry'. I could see he was trying to put on a brave face. It put a downer on the whole of Christmas Day. My husband and I got £50 each on Christmas Day as a present so we gave it to Deakon. We felt really bad.”

The console eventually arrived on 28th December, and the couple were offered a refund on the machine’s postage and a £30 gift voucher in order to make up for the slow delivery. Said compensation and bonus Christmas money should allow little ol’ Deakon to really expand upon his new system’s software library. We bet he’s not putting a brave face on it now, huh?