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This Toukiden: The Age of Demons Trailer Will Get You Sharpening Your Blade

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Hell of a time

This Toukiden: The Age of Demons CG trailer managed to sneak by us when it was originally released last week, but it's so good that we had no choice but to summon its demonic presence back to the front page.

Featuring a custom player character and his loyal monster-slaying allies, they work together to take down a monstrous oni. It may not be completely reflective of actual gameplay, but it's certainly fulfilled its role in getting us excited for the upcoming Tecmo Koei title – not to mention that the video's musical score sets the mood incredibly well. Are you busy cleansing your Vita with holy arts in preparation for the release? Grab your ceremonial robes and join us in the comments section below.

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get2sammyb said:

Heard amazing things about this game's demo. I'll definitely be giving it a shot.



Gemuarto said:

It's more like opening movie... not trailer,

Yeah, demo is superb.... far better than Soul Sacrifice, if you ask me. I didn't want to buy it after japanese demo, but it was very early build of the game. This new demo is soooo good... OMG. 100% day one buy.



Grieva said:

Most anticipate game for me. Played the Japanese demo last year and loved it. A more fleshed out monster hunter in terms of story and lore. I love monster hunter, and this will scratch the itch nicely.



Gemuarto said:

@get2sammyb I hope you'll like it, man. It is definetly best Monster Hunter clone on the market =). And it has some features from Soul Sacrifice, too =).

@Grieva There were two demos in JP. One, based on very early build of the game and other which is the same as in US PSN now. First one was pretty dissapointing. It had low resolution and only missions. No village, story and weapon crafting, as far as I remember.



Kayoss said:

Love the battle and combo system in the demo. Its definitely not a button masher. I like Soul Sacrifice but in all honesty, toukiden is a lot better than Soul Sacrifice. Also this is an excellent choice to filled in the void when Monster Hunter went to Nintendo.



JaxonH said:

Well, I'm 600 hours into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and I've hunted everything there is left to hunt. I've spent hundreds of hours online, helping low rank noobs, grinding, crafting new armor/weapons, and just having fun.

I could play MH3U forever, but perhaps it's time to dip my toes into a different pond. I'm still iffy about this one, but maybe I'll get it anyways and take a chance. Could be great, you never know...

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