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This Patent for a New PS Move Controller Is Giving Us a Headache

Posted by Kell Andersen

LEGO meets motion control?

There's nothing quite like a totally insane PlayStation Move patent to get your blood pumping, and today we've unearthed a real doozy. The trademark, filed in September 2013, describes a new style of augmented reality controller made up of various individual blocks that you can rearrange to construct any shape that you desire. Your creation is then captured by a camera and brought into the game world.

The image above demonstrates how this could work for two different guns, but the full document shows the detachable pieces arranged to represent anything from a blocky looking human to a samurai sword. It's possible that this represents Sony's attempt at recapturing the ever elusive casual market, but, to be brutally honest, it looks just a little too weird for the everyday consumer.

In truth, we really can't decide whether this idea is totally brilliant, or abysmally stupid. Whatever the case, it'll be interesting to see if anything is made of the admittedly intriguing concept, or if it goes the way of that bizarre sound sensor that the Japanese giant patented a while back. What do you make of this new image? Does a reconfigurable Move controller appeal to you? Sound off in the comments section below.


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Jaz007 said:

Detachable pieces and Samurai sword with PS Move sound like great combination for a broken TV though. Anything that needs to be swung with something like this can't end well.



charlesnarles said:

@Jaz007 rofl Wii Bowling all over again, only with completely modular detachments to explode everywhere.
I really think Sony needs to decide between VR and video games; just let us use controllers to play as folks with non-modular guns that they (un)holster on-screen and "really" exist in the game world. I dislike transforming weapons (unless it's a barrel change or other small realistic mods). Even KZ gets a little fantastic tech-wise for my taste. And if they go VR, then it's just gonna be a hands-on Minecraft for which I fail to see the point. But there still could be a market for something like their idea (minecraft, skylanders, and infinity sold well with kids) and once the hardware exists, others could make it fit in the context of a game. I say stick with Move being as VR and physically interactive as PS gets for a while. Any more and I'll be playing my PS5 version of Rubik's Cube with my fully de-integrated wireless cube controller so advanced that it auto-detects it via Bluetooth and it has 54 square-cm OLEDs for a total Rubik's immersion experience indistinguishable from the real thing........ : ) I like ds4

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