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The Order: 1886 Will Ride Its Horse-Drawn Cart onto PS4 This Year

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hot to trot

We may have seen less of it than a hedgehog during hibernation, but Ready at Dawn’s alternate history opus The Order: 1886 still appears to be on track to take a trip through time later this year. Speaking as part of Sony’s big PlayStation Vita Slim reveal earlier this morning, PlayStation UK gaffer Fergal Gara reportedly reiterated that the steampunk shooter will launch in 2014, reinforcing developer comments that hinted at a Fall release window.

“Things kick off again in a few short weeks with the launch of inFAMOUS: Second Son, another great first-party title that's starting to push the boundaries of what the PlayStation 4 can do,” he said, talking up the manufacturer’s new console. “We have DriveClub, again coming from our first-party studios, and we have The Order: 1886 coming later in the year. So that’s just a flavour of what our own studios are bringing out this year.”

Apparently the executive added that Evolution Studios’ abovementioned racer will deploy after Sucker Punch’s superhero excursion, perhaps hinting at a summer release. In truth, it looks like a pretty lean year for exclusive content compared to the past twelve months, but Gara does suggest that it’s just a “flavour”, meaning that there’s probably more to come. We reckon that Uncharted PS4 would round things out nicely, don’t you?


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ShogunRok said:

Okay, nice. Good news. The fact that we've seen very little of it had me thinking that this was sulking into 2015. Uncharted, I'm not so sure...



GraveLordXD said:

A few games I'm interested in that come out at the end of the year, good looks like I'll get my ps4 around Sept



drumsandperc92 said:

i don't see Uncharted 4 coming out this year, seeing as Naughty Dog just wrapped up the Last of Us not too long ago. But perhaps a major new exclusive IP from one of the other studios as well as one (or more) of those new indies we've seen brief trailers of (looking at you, Rime)



Gamer83 said:

Hopefully a similar announcement soon for Uncharted as well, Sony needs something to somewhat counter the impact Halo will have and Uncharted is the best it has to offer in that regard.

In regards to the topic, I'm glad it appears we'll be getting The Order this year, it's been high on my list since its reveal.



Cowboysfan-22 said:

Sony still needs to find the PS4 equivalent of Resistance. Something to really get people to notice the new system as the next step in gaming and not just a slight upgrade. Will that be The Order? We'll see



N711 said:

I dont mind the secrecy.. better than all the show off from some games. Im sure it s awesome and got the feeling Uncharted is coming sooner than expected but that me



goonow said:

Some Rumors from neogaf:
Last of us goty ps4 this year
1886 in 2015
Uncharted 4 in 2015



Swinny said:

I'd love to play The Order as soon as possible, if its anywhere near as good as the PSP's Ghost Of Sparta, this game will be a potential Game Of The Year.



staticdash22 said:

@Gamer83 I don't think they need to worry.. Big rumor right now, as an insider on GAF leaked that Microsoft is planning on releasing Halo 2 anniversary on Xbox One in November, so that would leave sunset overdrive and quantum break as holiday games. Having the halo 5 beta in the H2 anniversary would push sales, but it won't necessarily be a huge system seller.

Uncharted 4 releasing in December or November as a holiday seller is a huge blow to microsoft. A re-release going up against a guaranteed seller from one of the most iconic developers in the gaming industry? Not only that, but Sony has strategic marketing with activision/bungie for destiny. Bundling destiny with PS4 and marketing it having early/exclusive dlc with sell PS4 consoles absolutely.



JaxonH said:

Things kick off in a few short weeks? Ya, ok... Infamous isn't slated until April, in case they forgot.



Gamer83 said:


March 21 but yeah it's not a few short weeks. On the plus side, Sucker Punch barring any unfortunate last minute developments Sucker Punch is showing it can hit deadlines. Same as Guerilla did. So far these are the only first party studios showing any competence on PS4. I expected better. Nintendo had an excuse on Wii U because its first party teams needed to adjust to HD, no excuse for Sony not to have more than this.



JaxonH said:


Hmm, must've moved it forward by a couple weeks. I remember seeing an April released date before. Wow, it's coming out just 3 days after MGS5 and FFX



Gamer83 said:


Yeah, but MGS V Ground Zeroes is just an 'appetizer' really. I'm positive it will be possible to finish in one sitting. I'm getting both but I plan on being able to give inFamous: Second Son my full attention from day one.



JaxonH said:


Ya know, I'm blitzed for FFX/X-2 on Vita. As for MGS5, I've sucked at every MGS game to the present, so if I can't get the jist of this one I'm writing off the franchise for good.

As for Infamous, I can't say I'm excited for the game. My brother tells me the first two weren't all that great, and the gameplay imo (while beautiful) doesn't seem to offer much more than running around Seattle and throwing fire at people. But, seeing as I like to form my own opinions, I pre ordered the game anyways to see for myself what I think. I hope it's good though, because even if I do get into MGS5, it's short, like you say, and there isn't anything else on the system of notable interest besides Tomb Raider (which will arrive tomorrow, thankfully!).



Gamer83 said:


Tomb Raider should keep you busy and I know you're mostly a Nintendo guy probably looking more forward to DKC but I wouldn't sleep on Thief. Yes, it's not a bright cheery game, but if you like stealth games at all keep an eye on this one.



Gamer83 said:


And unfortunately that seems to be the way it's going. inFamous will be awesome but it's ridiculous that only Sucker Punch, and Guerilla, have had their sh*t together as far as meeting deadlines. DriveClub should've been no later than January, The Order absolutely has to be this year, Uncharted should be as well since Naughty Dog now has two teams. As critical as I was of Nintendo's putrid first year with Wii U, I'll be even worse in regards to Sony because there is absolutely no excuse for a company that is used to making HD games to have such a weak first year in regards to exclusives. It's great that they wanted to end PS3 on a high note but they sacrificed PS4 year 1 it seems, which disappoints me. I didn't expect anything like PS3 had in 2013 but I expected a hell of a lot more than inFamous and nothing after that but indie crap.



JaxonH said:


Um, I do like Nintendo a lot, but you know what I think it is? Well, it's probably several things, but one of them is that I work quite a bit, so I only have so much time to game. And as such, many times I put down a game for weeks only to come back to it later. With AAA games, I find it much harder to get back into a game, because I've forgotten what's going on in the story, I forget what buttons do what, etc. Whereas with most Nintendo games, I can just pick up and play, and I'm right back into the swing of things. If I was unemployed or something, I'd probably spend more time on AAA games.

Stealth games. Hmm. Not sure where I stand. Like I said, I've never been good at MGS. The only stealth game I've ever beaten was Splinter Cell Blacklist, and that game provided quite a bit of leeway through brute force options.



Gemuarto said:

@Gamer83 Sony had only Puppeteer, The Last of Us and GT6 for PS3 in 2013. I don't remember anything else. So, PS4 first year doesn't look worse thatn PS3 last year. Besides, Sony has pretty decent 3rd party support. Maybe they just don't want to interfere with 3rd party realeses too much.

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