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Tantalising New Destiny Screenshots Drop from the Sky

Posted by Robert Ramsey


Just when we felt that Destiny's allure was slowly starting to fade due to a lack of new information, Bungie has swooped in to save the day with some wonderful new screenshots. It's safe to say that we're absolutely loving the character designs – and the firearms don't look too bad either. Still, we're positively gasping for a new gameplay trailer in the near future, so let's hope that the sci-fi shooter's imminent Spring beta brings plenty of media along with it.

Slide on your best-looking helmet, point your scope at the screenshots embedded below, and tell us if you still feel, er, destined to be a part of Destiny when it releases in September this year.


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InsertNameHere said:

Those screenshots look very impressive, my interest in the game just went up a little, though it's only at about 46% now.



InsertNameHere said:

@RyoHazuki Mine is only as high as it is because I've been looking for a co-op shooter and Destiny is the only one coming out anytime soon - though I think The Order: 1886 is co-op.



charlesnarles said:

Looks pretty unique and cool so far. I know almost nothing about how the game will play, tho. It's got great potential to be good or bad, I hope it's not corny



Cloud7794 said:

If it has some sort of leveling mechanic (like most MMO's do) and areas with increased difficulty, consider me interested beyond hope.



cherrypoppa said:

It's Boarderlands but with eight planets, not exactly ground breaking! But my mates and I love Boarderlands so I will happly play this until Boarderlands 3 drops.



HairyDyke said:

I really enjoyed Bungie's work on the M$ Halo franchise, however i jumped back to Playstation just after Halo 3, due to a falling out with M$ over my gamertag, and a repair they so say completed, which failed again and they had the cheek to try and charge me for a subsequent repair (not that suprising considering the company i suppose) Quite excited about Destiny, watched the 14min gameplay video on YouTube a few times and these little snippets of the games progress get me salivating every time. I would say I’m at about 60%, it would be more but my PS4 hasn't arrived yet and i can't make September 9th roll in any faster.



HairyDyke said:

@BornOfEvil The Division looks pretty tasty as a Co-Op shooter, enhanced by the new Snowdrop engine. I don't think i'll have much time outside of gaming with this, Destiny and Watch Dogs. The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted at all...



InsertNameHere said:

@H4iryDyk3 I completely forgot about The Division, which is understandable seeing as Ubisoft has been pretty quiet about it since E3.

So that means that my interest in Destiny is now at 38%. Hopefully Bungie changes that whenever they release a new gameplay video.



HairyDyke said:

@BornOfEvil I suppose there is a fine line between not giving too much away and keeping peoples interest in upcoming titles.

I would like to see some more about Watch Dogs as well, maybe just an official release date would satisfy. It suprises me that they haven't as a developer for Watch Dogs said it would have been ready as a release title.



Volmun said:

@ShogunRok ah thats annoying... well i think il get it on PS4 1st and if its not il probably get it cheep on PS3 unles the game needs monthly payments to play.

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