We love DriveClub here at Push Square. That adoration's mostly due to its gorgeous visuals and unbridled potential, but also because the kerfuffle surrounding its delay is giving us mountains of material to write about. If you're not up to speed, a recent ESRB rating suggested that the game will be starting its engine soon, but we've yet to hear any truly concrete information regarding the racing sim's release date.

In an attempt to demystify the situation, IGN reached out to Sony to clarify the recent news that the title won't be ready in time for the Japanese launch of the PS4. The company's response provides a small glimmer of hope, but remains characteristically vague. "The team at Evolution Studios are working hard to bring DriveClub, a truly next-gen driving experience, to the PS4, and we will announce the release date shortly," the Japanese giant stated. "We're really excited about how DriveClub is progressing, and thank you for your patience."

While we can only speculate, we're hoping that there's some truth to the rumours that the title will be landing in late February, because quite frankly, we need some more downtime to clear out our monolithic backlogs. Are you gearing up for DriveClub's release date? Will you be racing to your local game store when it finally launches? Give it some gas in the comments section below.

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