When it rains, it pours – at least, that’s certainly the case with Sony’s rapidly approaching not-so-secret media briefing. For those out of the loop, the platform holder has promised to give select members of the UK press a look at the “slimmest ever PlayStation” during a breakfast event in London tomorrow morning, and a ShopTo newsletter sent out earlier this evening has all but confirmed that the reveal will involve the trimmed down version of the PlayStation Vita that launched in Japan last year.

However, now VG247 has added some more fuel to the fire, claiming that the shrunken system will retail for £189.99 in the UK alongside an unspecified game. Furthermore, the publication – which cites a “reliable source” – hints that the handheld will only be available in black, so you may as well cross that luscious lime green model off your wishlist. Considering that the current iteration of the diminutive device can be snapped up for around £179.99 on its own, it would seem that Sony’s not keen on dropping the price again.

Nevertheless, this is all hearsay for now, and will be officially cleared up by the time that the cuckoo crows in the morning. While our invite to the event itself has got mysteriously lost in the post, we’ll be spending a few moments tomorrow sitting in a cardboard box in order to simulate the feeling of a trip on the Tube, before settling down with croissants and our photograph of SCEE president Jim Ryan. Then we’ll obviously bring you all of the news as it sort of breaks, because that’s what we do.

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