It seems that hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 title DriveClub may not be racing onto your next-gen system as soon as previously thought. The title, initially pegged to release alongside the launch of Sony's new machine, had been rumoured to be tearing up the tarmac sometime in February. However, a recent Facebook post from Official PlayStation Magazine Italy suggests that the racer won't be starting its engine until June.

"We have a 'feeling' that #DriveClub's coming in June, but don't tell that to anyone," the site stated, although it's not yet clear whether the comment pertains exclusively to the Italian release of the game or not. As such, this remains strictly a rumour, but if it does end up ringing true, then we'd hate to be the unlucky soul manning Sony's consumer complaints division. Whatever the case, the Japanese giant has promised to reveal the title's official release date as soon as possible, so we don't have long to wait until the car-nage unfolds.

What do you make of this troubling rumour? Are you sick of waiting for DriveClub? Grab your torches and pitchforks in the comments section below.