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PS Vita Welcome Box Aims to Generate Interest in the Struggling Handheld

Posted by Kell Andersen

Japan only, unfortunately

To say that the PlayStation Vita is in a tricky position would be a resounding understatement. Sony's handheld darling is emphatically adored by those that own it, but seemingly ignored by everyone else – including the buying public. In a bid to reverse the machine's failing fortunes, the platform holder has announced a new bundle for the Japanese market aimed at giving potential buyers a stronger incentive to take the plunge.

It's called the Welcome Box, and it comes packed with a slim model Vita, an 8GB memory card, and a subscription to Sony's Music Unlimited service. On the games front, the system will be pre-loaded with free-to-play titles Joysound.TV Plus, Dragon's Dogma Quest, and Power Pro Stadium, as well as trial versions of God Eater 2, Soul Sacrifice Delta, and Terraria. The whole package will cost ¥20,454 ($195), which offers a neat little saving considering the standalone console retails for ¥18,995 ($180). The inclusion of demos does seem a little suspect, but as far as we're concerned, the bundle is well and truly worth the price of admission purely for that 8GB memory card.

Before you get too excited, though, it behoves us to mention that several of the included games have not yet been released in the West. So if we did end up seeing the Welcome Box, it would likely be a completely re-jigged version. Do you welcome the idea of this bundle, or are you searching for something a little more substantial? Never stop playing in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

The inclusion of free-to-play games is a bit sly here. If you got God Eater and Soul Sacrifice with it (the full versions) and the free games, then it would be amazing. As it stands, it's not that great. (Although it's a no-brainer to get this one over the standalone).

We have insane bundles in Europe like this:


Vita + 16GB card + 10 games. (Though not all of them are great.)



fchinaski said:

@get2sammyb I was thinking the same thing, that the European Mega Pack (which I bought for myself as a Christmas present) is far more interesting. The card is 8GB though, not 16GB. But even the 8GB card and LBP alone make it worth it. This bundle flew out of the shelves here in Portugal — mine was the last one I could find during the holidays.

EDIT: This one must be UK-only, as I'm seeing that it says 16GB in the box. The ones that were sold here came with a 8GB card.



Bliquid said:

I don't think this is appealing enough to draw in new buyers. But i think the Playstation brand as a whole is soaring to the skies nowadays, so ppl might get in regardless.
And i can't help to think the effect it will have when on the box it will say " 1 year of Playstation Now subscription free".
Now THAT will boost sales.




Getting Vitas in to peoples hands is the key. That mega bundle is nuts, but they should really just throw in 3 months of Plus too.

Music Unlimited is pretty good, especially on newer Xperia handsets/the new Walkman app. It's still a bit clunky on PC, but the Vita app works like a charm.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@get2sammyb yeah it ain't great, I got my vita a few months ago from very. It wasn't particularly cheap but for £180 I got batman, 16gb memory and the 10 game starter pack which included lbp/HD wipeout etc. I also got this on interest free credit over 12 months so not bad at all. Being a PS plus member the offerings for vita are too good. As ps4 sales go up I hope that vita goes up too, it would be a massive shame for it to get lost and forgotten/ignored. Maybe China will embrace the vita? I was in hmv Manchester yesterday and they had brand new vita's at £99.00 for the closing down sale! Unreal. None in stock though it seemed.



fchinaski said:

Music Unlimited is well and good but I don't see it as a system seller, I'm guessing people would rather have 3 months of Plus and a 16GB card and play some full games other than have demos, free-to-play titles and MU, but maybe that's just me. Of course, I have no way of knowing what Japanese gamers really want, maybe what sounds unappealing to us drives them nuts.




@RyoHazuki A ton for a Vita is a steal!

It's pretty much a steal anyway. Most card based games can be had for very little and there's loads cheap on the store-and of course Plus. I still have loads on my Vita yet to properly play or give enough time to- and that's after not even having a home console since last February or so.

There's lot of gaming to be had on Vita!



Sanquine said:

@get2sammyb First time i disagree with an article.. I know you didn't write it but the vita is doing great in the land of the rising sun. The vita TV on the other hand is non existent there thanks to NO GAMES COMPATIBLE (WTF SONY!). This should be offered here. THe 10 Games mega pack is a JOKE. If they want people to buy a Vita offers Killzone, gravity rush, LBP, Tear away and soul sacrifice. People will buy that!



fchinaski said:

@Sanquine LBP is included in the Mega Pack bundle — and joke or not, it was by far the best option for the holidays where I live, as I said above. It sold out on every store that I know of. There was also a bundle offering Tearaway + LBP and a 16GB card in the UK and a Tearaway bundle for the rest of Europe. There was also a bundle with Soul Sacrifice by the middle of 2013 on Europe, but it didn't offer a card. That's a lot of bundles, so that's not the problem.

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