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PS4 Stock Arrives in GAME Stores Around the UK

Posted by Sammy Barker

Limited availability, though

Sony pleaded for patience with consumers struggling to find a PlayStation 4 late last week, and it looks like it’s finally getting around to replenishing British store shelves as we write. A slew of Tweets spotted by Official PlayStation Magazine show makeshift sandwich boards promoting the stock, which appears to be available at select outlets around the UK.

Both the Hanley and Salisbury arms of the specialist retailer are promoting limited supply, with the platform holder stressing to MCV that even more units will become available this week. has widely promoted the fact that it will have new consoles in stock on 10th January – a confirmation that pushed the console straight to the top of the online plaza’s best-sellers list.

However, it seems that even with the fresh delivery, the manufacturer’s going to struggle to quench the ravenous hunger for the machine. Over the festive period, the firm hinted that it could take months for the demand to be quelled, and with inFAMOUS: Second Son and DriveClub right around the corner, we expect the hype to remain relatively high some time into the slow spring period.


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Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I wonder if the ps4 sales forecast projected by Sony take into account the fact that they'll probably sell everything they can ship until the end of the year. I think its quite possible they'll sell out every week here in the UK throughout 2014.



Hokage17 said:

They need to hurry up and replenish stock because Xbox one is gaining on them. I know a lot of people who are buying Xbox Ones because PS4 is no where to be found. Even I've been tempted. All this waiting is killing their own buzz.



bman2112 said:

I agree with Itachi here. I've not got one yet but will do soon with luck. If they could meet demand right now, Xbox One would be miles behind.

They must know this, they it's either some cunning plan or they simply can't fulfil demand, and that's the simple reality?

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