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PlayStation Now Won't Be Streaming to Europe Until 2015

Posted by Sammy Barker

Asia picking up a signal this year, though

If you happen to be unlucky enough to reside in Europe, you may as well rename Sony’s cloud streaming service PlayStation Now to PlayStation Next Year. As executives have already indicated, the online platform is still some way off in Europe – and a leaked roadmap uncovered by suggests that we won’t be testing the service until 2015.

The timeline shows that the innovative technology has been in internal beta since the end of last year, with an open test set to deploy in North America towards the tail end of this month. The company intends to roll out the on-demand experience to PlayStation platforms in the United States this summer, before adding support for smartphones, televisions, and “partner devices” in the Fall.

Most interesting, however, is that the platform holder plans to expand the service to Japan and Korea towards the end of 2014, before turning its attention to Europe early next year. Previously, SCEE president Jim Ryan simply pointed out that there are a “number of bumps along the road that need to be ironed out” before it can deploy on these shores.

While it’s still a long way off, it’s reassuring to know that the organisation does have a roadmap in mind. Even more intriguing is Digital Foundry’s report on the hardware used to power the service, which consists of a meaty motherboard packing the equivalent of eight custom PlayStation 3 consoles into a relatively small space.

The publication predicts that the custom design has been constructed in order to lower latency, which is undeniably the single greatest challenge facing Sony’s new subscription-based offering. In an article that gets incredibly complex, it hypothesises that the Japanese giant may be employing hard-wired button presses and an alternative to HDMI output to cut down on delays.

Of course, whether it actually operates as intended remains to be seen. The demos on display at CES 2014 last week certainly showed plenty of promise, but were apparently being run on a local network. The jury’s still out on how the technology will hold up in the wild, then – but fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long for the first impressions.


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k_andersen said:

So, uh, I guess those of us stationed in Australia get to change the name to PlayStation Never. Unless they're lumping us into that "EU Launch". This is very odd indeed...



get2sammyb said:

@k_andersen You'll know better than I, but I've always heard that Australia has really bad bandwidth caps. I wouldn't hold your breath just yet...



k_andersen said:

@get2sammyb To be perfectly honest, the internet infrastructure in Australia is essentially just a hamster on a spinning wheel. So even if we did get the service, we would probably only be able to play the games at about 3 frames per second. But by golly it would be a consistent 3 frames per second!




@k_andersen My mate lives in Yarrawonga, (visited him last year, great place!) which isn't the biggest of towns, A good three hour drive from Melbourne -and I live in central England, we've managed pretty stable online games for the past 4 or so years. Even Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix on PS3 and more recently Need For Speed Rivals.
We had the PS now conversation, and with his current provider he gets an average of around 7-8 mbs.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

More evidence Sony is trying to destroy the Xbox hold in USA. Its not a service that everyone has been screaming out for so I'm not fussed about waiting another year for this service in the UK. I don't give much weight to the excuses Sony give for the late release in Europe either.




@RyoHazuki I'd put it down to server availability and market viability. The American collective buying consciousness is surely easier to market to than all of Europe.



k_andersen said:

@KALofKRYPTON I live in Brisbane (but you shouldn't hold that against me ) and my internet fluctuates wildly, sometimes within the same day. That said, I'm pretty sure I'll still be getting the better version of the NBN (you should definitely hold that against me). So hopefully that'll stabilise the situation. This is all assuming that we even get the service down here. And, as Sammy said, it's not looking too good at the moment.



charlesnarles said:

@KALofKRYPTON y'all Europeans ain't United, and everyone here is a birdbrain, so I agree. We don't mind being the Guinea pig so that you guys have smooth sailing next year. Seems like that's their strategy/attitude towards USA; just throw something out there and see what sticks : (



belmont said:

@rjejr You are right. I totally forgot WiiUTV. It was never going to be offered when I live anyway but I forgot its existence.

US is beta testing the PS4 and its services for Europe. I kind of like this



NickRobots said:

That's not cool. I was really hoping to get PS Now this year, didn't have a ps3 and don't wanna wait another year to play The Last of Us and GTA5 etc



XavandSo said:

Who are you with? I'm with Telstra and (according to, I get an average of 12.7mb/s. I'm hailing from Perth, the state with the worst net in the country with the worst net in the developed world. Go figure. The bad FTTN NBN isn't being developed in my area until 2019. Yay.....



k_andersen said:

@XavandSo I'm with Optus I believe, which could quite frankly be a pretty serious tactical error on my part. I get about 12 mb/s on a really good day. I can't complain, though, because like I said - I'm one of the lucky ones.....



RaymanFan2 said:

Good/bad thing that I'm probably the only person in NZ who cares if we ever get it



Tomires said:

Ah well, no PS3 games for me then. I'll be hanging out with my Vita, 3DS and PC then.

Region-specific rebranding sounds like a neat idea though

US - PlayStation Now
JP - PlayStation Later
EU - PlayStation Next Year
AUS - PlayStation Never

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