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No, Sony Didn't Announce a PS4 Headset During Its CES Press Conference

Posted by Sammy Barker

Maybe next time

If you're in the market for a nifty sensor that tracks your skills with a tennis racquet, then Sony's concise CES press conference this evening was pretty much a must watch. Sadly, the PlayStation brand played a pretty slender role during the Japanese giant's media briefing, as the organisation opted to focus on its bafflingly wide array of smartphones, televisions, and cameras. You are ready to invest in a 4K Bravia, right?

There had been some speculation before the show that the manufacturer was going to unveil its rumoured Oculus Rift-esque headset for the PlayStation 4, but they turned out to be unfounded. In fairness, company gaffer Kaz Hirai will be holding a second keynote tomorrow, which may contain more surprises. As always, we recommend keeping your expectations low, though – especially if slimline Xperia smartphones don't exactly float your boat.

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awaitingreatnes said:

Disapointing, but expected. If I were Sony, I would ride on the PS4's sucess for as long as I could, then when E3 comes in June reveal the headset with an afordable price. It seems almost too early to reveal something of this nature, especially after so many people payed $400 last November (the rumored headset won't be cheap if it's anything like the Rift).



get2sammyb said:

@awaitingreatnes I agree. To be fair, we still don't actually know that it exists - but there's no smoke without fire, I guess. You're right, though - they should point all their efforts at replenishing stock, ensuring there's a strong digital lineup, and making sure DriveClub and inFAMOUS get the attention that they deserve.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I'd be surprised if its on the shelves this year but I'd definitely buy one straight away. They'll need one or two mind blowing complimentary titles to show it off too. Complete guess but I think summer of 2015 is reasonable. Please make it Vita compatible too



Visiblemode said:

Saw a Sony rep refer to the PS4's "G-Shock" controller, so suffice it to say this was not a gaming oriented outing.



Farmboy74 said:

If the PS4 headset exists, I would expect Sony to reveal it at E3, with a possible late 2014 launch. Sony at the minute needs to keep PS4 in supply.



ThreadShadow said:

It's so nice to see that old Sony dude sharing the stage with his little granddaughter. Was it 'bring your granddaughter to CES year'?

@get2sammyb It should read "Kaz Harai will be holding a SECRET second keynote tomorrow, where members of the media need to decipher an increasingly difficult series of clues to discover the location of the event!". Wouldn't that be more exciting?



rjejr said:

@SuperSilverback As bad as thwt was for Bay, it was probably that good for Samsungs curved tv. Microsoft only wishes it happened during an X1 presentation

CES is all about the yearly cycle of disposable goods, this years Chirstmas presents and accesdories for adults. Nothing really good, revolutionary or exciting is ever going to be unveiled at CES.



GrandPoohBah said:

That was just a press conference. Everything big that is going to be talked about is during the keynote at 8:30AM PST on January 7th. They are streaming it live.

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