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New PS4 Stock Sneaks into Best Buy in North America

Posted by Sammy Barker

Consoles creeping into GameStop and Target, too

Stock shortages prompted the PlayStation 4 to fall behind the Xbox One in last month’s NPD report, so Sony is going to need to up its supply if it intends to maintain its slender next generation lead in North America. Fortunately, there are signs that the sought after system is starting to filter into physical and online stores nationwide, with Best currently showing the console as available.

Even better, the electronics giant is not forcing you to purchase a bundle, so you can pick up the machine on its own for just $399.99. Earlier this week, specialist franchise GameStop also announced that it would have new units on display in “select stores”, though these were expected on Wednesday, and have likely been exhausted by now.

Nevertheless, there are signs that the new device is gradually becoming easier to find. The system has been in and out of stock all day on Target's website, as the Japanese giant scrambles to get more hardware into the channel. As always, if you’re still hunting for a platform, we recommend phoning around your local stores and getting a feel for the situation in your area. Let us know how you get on.


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irken004 said:

I saw a full shelf of PS4s at my target a couple days ago. But they need to expand their PS4 game selection, I didn't see knack at all and they only had maybe 10 different PS4 disc games. Then again, target's a bit notorious on games they have available



jmburks said:

I found mine at a Fredmyer in a small town outside of mine. Just got lucky one day!



Kayoss said:

Called in this morning to best buy and they say they have ps4 in stock. They would not put one on hold for me. Went online to order it but it say not available. Call back to best buy and they say online is not updated. The guy would not put one on hold for me. Went to best buy at 3 pm and guess what? It was freakin sold out.



hYdeks said:

There where two PS4's in stock at my local Ebgames, which is a shock considering the store was slightly behind on giving the people who pre-ordered the system theirs It was even listed on the website, then the playstation 4 listing as been removed, maybe because the store where getting bugged by people too much lol



GraveLordXD said:

@Kayoss yeah that sucks man, I wonder if you could have just paid it in full over the phone using a credit card and then went and picked it up when you had the time? Or put $50 towards it to hold it for you?



hYdeks said:

@LDXD @Kayoss So close, but yet so far He is right, you probably could have done that, if you do own a credit card that is

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