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Move Aside BlazBlue, This PS4 and Vita Fighter Is Stranger Than You

Posted by Sammy Barker

An unfortunate episode involving blades

Arc System Works’ weird and wonderful BlazBlue may want to watch its back, as upcoming PlayStation 4 and Vita title The Chainsaw Incident looks to be gunning for its crazy crown. Quietly announced as part of a beautifully animated teaser trailer last week, the Origo Games and Crazy Piranha collaboration is reportedly in the early stages of development – and is already looking absolutely stunning.

While details are somewhat scarce, the full title will supposedly boast 26 characters when it deploys at an undetermined date. So far, the firm’s shown off Milda and Massacre, the latter of which wields a chainsaw about the same size as his Quasimodo-esque frame. Other combatants include Lenore, a pink haired rocker with a razor clawed raven as her aide. According to the title’s Facebook page, more reveals are set for February.

Despite purportedly being a PlayStation exclusive for the time being, the developer’s planning a Kickstarter campaign to enable the game’s completion. While you wait to donate your cash towards the title’s development, though, check out the dark debut footage embedded below. Is this horror-themed brawler prompting you to quake with excitement, or are you indifferent to the idea of a new challenger entering the ring? Punch us down a peg or two in the comments section below.


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Gmork___ said:

sounds pretty awesome! im hoping it resembles street fighters slightly slower pace then the arc games. (not that i dont like Arc fighters, i just like a more realistic fight i suppose. although i would LOVE if it used death metal and heavy metalmusic in general, i think that would suit the horror theme very well). either way im very interested.



sajoey said:

I gotta say, I'm a sucker for hand-drawn character sprites, especially in fighting games, and this...whew...



mibtar said:

I don't like the character design. I guess they're going for a psycho theme, but if the characters are going to be looking like those two then count me out.



Bliquid said:

At last! Darkstalkers 4!
Ok, no, but you got my attention, gentlemen.



Cloud7794 said:

Reminds me a bit of Skullgirls + Darkstalkers, with a bit of guilty gear maybe? Still, in arcade fighters I do enjoy my combo-heavy games (thanks you Arc System Works for P4 arena and Blazblue), and this seems a bit less so, but still crazy. For some reason it just doesn't click with me.

I can't see myself picking this up day 1 so far though, despite my obsession with such games. I'd rather hear an announcement of a PS4 Blazblue/Persona Arena (with some more people from 3 and some from 5 when they around to it?). I know Guilty Gear is on its way though, so I suppose I'll make due with that 'till then.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Don't like blazblue and this doesn't really seem all that fun. I'm still sticking with street fighter mortal kombat and soul calibur thanks.

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