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Lara Croft Endures PS4 Title Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition's Launch Trailer

Posted by Sammy Barker

She's a survivor

This launch trailer for imminent PlayStation 4 re-release Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition would have been better with a subtle blast of Destiny’s Child, but we won’t hold that against it. Strategically deployed days before the upcoming upgrade’s retail release, the video shows Britain’s bustiest export in a variety of unfortunate situations.

Look closely and you’ll get a good glimpse at Lara Croft’s new face, which has been changed again since last year’s PlayStation 3 iteration. While it’s hard to see the enhancements in this flashy footage, publisher Square Enix has hinted that the game runs in 1080p at approximately 60 frames-per-second on Sony’s new machine. That should be enough to get you through the next-gen drought, huh?


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Sonicfan11589 said:

I learned that some Gamestop are already selling copies and i've heard someone say already the PS4 version seems to run well at 60fps.



JaxonH said:


Really? I'm in Wisconsin, US, between Milwaukee and Madison. Where are you at that Gamestop has and is selling the game already? I pre ordered from Newegg because it's tax-free, but seeing as it's Friday night and I have an entire weekend off work, I'd definitely be down with paying tax to play now...



4estGump said:

Got the text yesterday and picked it up today at GameStop. It's a blast! Glad I didn't have to wait the weekend to play it.



Gamer83 said:


I live near Albany, New York. Guys at the GameStop I go to said they got the game today or yesterday and message was sent with the ok to start selling them. I'd guess it's the same for every store in the company but maybe it's just regional, don't know for sure.



ScreamAimFire99 said:

Gonna rent it. Already played the game on PS3 and the single player was great. No improvements made on the Multiplayer so I will rent and collect Trophies on the way.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

You lucky ones!

Gamestop in Berlin still doesn't have it...or at least don't admit/sell it. But then, the game releases a few days later here, so...

Anyways, just a few days more to wait...quite exited for it, because I didn't play it yet.



KAPADO said:

I am also wondering if I should pick this up?
I hate these HD remakes for the PS4 but I loved them on ps3.
Its just too early inti the generation to be money hatting. But with the drought of new games and the fact I didn't get it for ps3 has me on the fence.
How good is it, is it Uncharted good ?



JaxonH said:


You bet. Amazon was tax free here in Wisconsin, UNTIL they decided to build a warehouse along the Wisconsin/Illinois border. So now, Newegg is the last great tax-free online retailer for video game purchases. Not only that, but they run discounts on pre orders every couple days. I have several games like Mario Kart 8 and DKC Tropical Freeze pre ordered for $10 off, and an entire stack of games pre ordered for $4-7 off. I haven't seen any discounts for PS4/Vita pre orders lately, but they do run PS3/360/Wii U/3DS pre order discounts regularly.

However, when ordering collector's editions, I still go with Amazon, because several times I've received brand new collector's editions with creases in the box or bent corners and stuff. A minor gripe, unless you're a collector such as myself and won't settle for anything less than flawless condition. As for regular games though and CE that aren't in a fragile, thin cardboard box, you're golden.



charlesnarles said:

@KAPADO idk how much you liked U's highlighting interactive objects, but TR doesn't spell it out for you. Top-notch frame rate and visuals--Lara looks "obsessively detailed" indeed. I'd def recommend it esp if you haven't played it yet like me.
@Reverend_Skeeve you won't be disappointed : )
@4estGump only complaint: the torch effect on the ds4 is a quickly repeating pattern of plain red, orange and yellow. Looks like a ds3 running out of battery more than ambient lighting from a fire. I do like the controller speaker effects, like crunching leaves, tho.



KAPADO said:

@charlesnarles oh I Could live with Uncharted's yellow highlighted bricks.but it was so childish and hand holding.
I couldn't stand it in That monkey and tish game by ninja theory what was it's name, where the beams actually glowed and flashed red?
I am not a child . So I stopped playing an hour into it.



4estGump said:

@charlesnarles I agree. Spent about 2 hours on the game last night. Though I played it on ps3, it seems a little harder because of the realism in the background, textures, etc. The "hand-holding" blocks are more subtle, but the detail blows my mind. The only 'bug' I've encountered was going back to the campsite and pressing roll just for the heck of it turned it into a FPS, jittering back and forth till I fell off the cliff.



Swinny said:

I've never played this game but I must say, the bad guy in this trailer is gloriously over-acting. ''THIS ENDS NOW! KILL..... HER!!!!'' LMFAO! Well, looks like I'm going to have a blast with this one

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