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IO Interactive Sneaks First Hitman PS4 Details Online

Posted by Brett Young

One more hit

The official Hitman website has been updated with an open letter from the IO Interactive team, which implies that fan feedback has played a pivotal part in how the next instalment in the series is being developed for "PC and next-gen consoles".

The correspondence says that fans will be "glad to hear that we have removed [Agent] 47's magic pockets". This is presumably in response to criticism from some veterans regarding the direction taken by Hitman Absolution. The undercover successor will still employ the studio's Glacier 2 engine, but the team will be drawing inspiration from previous titles such as Hitman: Blood Money, while "using the best parts" from the most recent entry.

The announcement from IO Interactive describes the next title as a return to its "non-linear, checkpoint-free, sandbox" roots, after development switched from Square Enix Montreal. There's no release date attached to the sequel just yet, but we suspect that lots more will be revealed soon. Did you feel that Absolution was too much of a departure for the series? Shoot us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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HairyDyke said:

I'm having a Homer Simpson (head cocked back, tongue hanging out to the side, replace doughnuts with Hitman) Loved all of the Hitman series, including Absolution. A PS4 entry to the series would definitely be a shut up and take my money moment. The thought that goes into Agent 47's antics, always entertains and astounds me! I don't think Absolution was a departure at all, everything needs to evolve, sometimes that evolution isn't to everyones taste; it's nice to know that they are listening to the players and the next installment will take the best from all of the series, and a return to a sandbox style of play is never a bad thing.



rastamadeus said:

Always had an interest in these games but Absolution was the first title I really enjoyed. Only thing that worries me is the no checkpoint bit but I presume that means no loading screens instead of you die and go back to the open world place miles away so you've wasted hours of your life (hello GTA 4).



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I haven't played hitman since probably the first or second installment. I may give the franchise another whirl, certainly if its more sandy boxy.

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