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Free PS3 Fighter Tekken Revolution Exceeds 2.5 Million Downloads

Posted by Sammy Barker

Jin-ius idea

Namco Bandai’s free-to-play PlayStation 3 fighter Tekken Revolution may have been something of an experiment for the Japanese publisher, but it’s turned out to be quite a successful one. The company has confirmed that the complimentary punch-'em-up has now exceeded downloads in the region of 2.5 million – and it’s celebrating the impressive feat with a period of triple XP for anyone under Level 50.

If you login between 28th January and 4th February, you’ll be able to earn the bonus points. Furthermore, during that period you’ll get gifted one Premium Ticket every day, allowing you to play for longer without needing to stump up any of your hard-earned cash. Additionally, the organisation will be offering 50,000 in Fight Money and a special Mokujin Rush course. Phew.

If you haven’t logged in for a while, the firm has actually been updating the application quite frequently with new characters and kit – including vampire Eliza, who is unique to the digital dust-up. Has the lure of the abovementioned rewards tempted you to dive back into this, or are you easily frustrated by the freemium model? Punch your thoughts into the comments section below.


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Cloud7794 said:

I really didn't like the lack of local co-op. This is Tekken after all! I guess for those who haven't tried Tekken out before, it's a good introduction. I'm just waiting for our >actual< next Tekken to pop up (on PS4, of course )



Splat said:

I thought it was a solid game for a F2P. I'm not one to spend hours playing a fighting game so for someone like me playing it here and there it's fine.



KAPADO said:

I played it online got to a 3-0 record and deleted it, because I want to die undefeated. #DontJudgeMe
Don't make me go back... I am perfect.

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