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Final Fantasy XIV Will Be Reborn on PS4 on 14th April in Japan

Posted by Sammy Barker

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You may be waiting a little longer than expected for Final Fantasy XV, but Square Enix certainly isn't messing around with the PlayStation 4 port of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. With a beta for the next generation upgrade due out alongside Sony’s new console in Japan on 22nd February, the publisher has now confirmed that the full title will deploy on 14th April in the Land of the Rising Sun.

This will be welcome news to those of you that have been struggling through the PlayStation 3 iteration, as we mentioned in our review that the current generation release is an excellent title hampered by ageing hardware. Will you be continuing your quest in Eorzea on Sony’s more stable super machine? Use a Phoenix Down in the comments section below.


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charlesnarles said:

@Cloud7794 me neither. Ever since 11 on PS2 I've wanted to really get into a FF mmo, but the sub fee has dissuaded me until now. I might have bought my PlayStations for MGS, but FF always eats my money and life (in a good way)



artemisthemp said:

Looking forward to been able to upload picture to Twitter/facebook without having to transfer them off my PS3 first.



Jaz007 said:

For a moment there, I thought it said FF XV, then my excitement quickly faded.



Bliquid said:

Bought it on sale yesterday, i'm gonna plunge in now.
The free pass to the PS4 version convinced me, so when i'll buy the new black brick (prolly next holiday) i'm gonna have plenty to play already, all with this, ps plus games and games that i actually care for.
Merry X-mas to me!



SometimeAboutAI said:

@Subie98 it isn't a free pass per say..
It is a upgrade from ps3 to ps4 for free but of course you lose your login rights from your ps3. Meaning you are giving up your ps3 version for the ps4 version.
Also you keep your paid subscription fees after all this is a mmo.



NathanUC said:

So.Excited. I'm already level cap (50) on all but 3 combat classes. Every time I feel like I'm running out of content, I end up leveling up a new job and feeling totally refreshed. Such a well designed game.... I'll be doing the PS4 beta test in February (22nd I believe). Since these will be test only servers (you can't carry your previous characters over in the beta), let me know if you'll be playing. I'd love to help people out. Beta in February should be free for ALL PS4 owners if I understood correctly.

Oh, and the PS4 collectors edition bonuses are awesome. You don't even need to repurchase the collectors edition if you have it for PC or PS3.



Bliquid said:

@nathanuc1988 : having been a longtime WoW player, this question is gonna put shame on me, but do you have any suggestions for a good combo race+job to start from scratch?
In short, what should a noob choose as a beginning class?



NathanUC said:

@Bliquid ALL OF THEM! That's half joking half serious as the joys of FFXIV is you are never limited to a single class. You are in fact rewarded for leveling up multiple ones. I recommend getting a few to around level 15 (since you'll want to level a few different ones for their shared abilities anyways).

My PERSONAL recommendation right now would be either a Lancer (Dragoon) or Gladiator (Paladin). The Lancer is a full DPS class who becomes a Dragoon at level 30 and is almost completely self sufficient. You don't NEED to level anything else other than your sub class to be awesome. They are very very fun and offer near top DPS endgame right now. The Gladiator (becomes a Paladin at level 30) is a top notch tank class. They are simple, easy to learn, and are preferred by mainy as endgame tanks. It's also another class that doesn't need to level up anything other than your sub class.

As a brief reference, you start as your primary class. Once your primary class is level 30 and you level up the sub class to 15, you can unlock your advanced job.

TL;DR: Lancer

EDIT: missed your race question. Don't worry about race stats as those few points won't make a big difference endgame. Pick whichever race you like best! (just not Roegadyn, ugly ugly dumb ugly roegadyn). You can switch your gender/race/looks after 30 days of paid subscription too if you're interested.



Bliquid said:

@nathanuc1988 : you joking?!? Roegadyn is like playing an awesome, dressed Hulk!
Thank you for the tips, i was gonna choose lancer cause it's my favourite "job" since FFT.
See you online and thanks again!



NathanUC said:

@Bliquid I just maxed out my Dragoon last week and really really love it. It might take the place as my main class over Black Mage even.

DEATH TO ALL ROEGADYN! So big and dumb and stupid and dumb.
Speaking of though, I did see this guy running around (not my screenshot)



Bliquid said:

In the end i went arrow-flinging cat. I'll get a spear in a second time. It's so strange to me, to play an MMORPG on PS3.
Guess it'll feel less strange when i jump on a PS4.



SometimeAboutAI said:

@Subie98 Are you planning to buy it physical or digital? I will let you know this NEVER buy a used physical disc because you need a product code to activate it.
Also you can't really resell it since that product code IS the game because the disc is just a installation disc.

A friendly reminder, since you said you haven't played a mmo before.



Subie98 said:

@SometimeAboutAI I was going to buy it new for ps4 instead of ps3 because of this news. Also I was going to buy a physical copy. I didnt know that I couldn't resell it. That kind of sucks if I dont care for the mmo. I have something to think about then. I appreciate all your info.



NathanUC said:

@Subie98 Also know that even if you buy the physical version, you install the game 100% to your hard drive (you don't even need the disc... ever).

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