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Feast on PS4 Survival Title Don't Starve's Ginormous DLC

Posted by Sammy Barker

A hearty helping

Klei Entertainment’s hungry PlayStation 4 indie adventure Don’t Starve is set to go in pursuit of even more sustenance this August, as the Shank developer has teased a brand new add-on pack for the digital exclusive. Dubbed the ‘Reign of Giants’, the teaser trailer hints at the appearance of some seriously sizeable foes, but sadly stops short of providing any additional information.

Available as a PlayStation Plus freebie at the time of writing, we took a liking to the gothic outdoor excursion. Our resourceful reviewer Joey Thurmond pointed out that while the title's crushing difficulty may turn some off, those that take the time to stomach its complex systems will find a dish well worth tucking into. Is your tummy roaring for a little more content? Eat up in the comments section below.


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Cloud7794 said:

Survived for 31 days before I died, and to be honest, I just want more. It's a great title to whittle the hours away, and I love how it actually had quite a lot to do. Can't wait to cook these new monsters up.



uchinakagema said:

I am still surviving as of now for 50 days. This game is ridiculously addicting and it is one of the closest games to being Minecraft but it is it own thing which I like since I dislike playing Minecraft.



Jaz007 said:

Bigger foes? I already can't kill medium sized foes lol. What am I supposed to do with foes that worse than a tree ent? (Those things are evil.) Definitely enjoying the game though, a surrvival is like this has been needed.



Sutorcen said:

As if surviving wasn't hard enough... Can't wait

@Jaz007 You can always plant trees in front of them and they will calm down. You only have to plant them right in front of them.

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