Sony may have information regarding DriveClub’s release date locked down harder than Jeremy Clarkson’s personal showroom, but that’s not stopping the next generation racer from receiving plenty of fresh footage at the minute. This trailer posted to the platform holder’s Japanese YouTube channel is all new, as it shows off a slew of slick sports cars battling for fame points in a Project Gotham-esque showdown.

There’s one major thing to point out here: the foliage in some of the featured environments looks absolutely insanely detailed. Runcorn-based developer Evolution Studios has highlighted this as one of its goals in the past, and it looks like that lengthy delay has served it well. All we need now is a release date to go along with our renewed hype – after all, the platform holder has promised that we’ll be privy to a firm window soon.

Update: "All new?" we hear you scream, "This was shown as part of a longer trailer way back at GamesCom." Fair enough, we've goofed up. Still, it's worth watching again, isn't it?