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Fasten Your Seat Belt for Fresh Footage of PS4 Racer DriveClub

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony may have information regarding DriveClub’s release date locked down harder than Jeremy Clarkson’s personal showroom, but that’s not stopping the next generation racer from receiving plenty of fresh footage at the minute. This trailer posted to the platform holder’s Japanese YouTube channel is all new, as it shows off a slew of slick sports cars battling for fame points in a Project Gotham-esque showdown.

There’s one major thing to point out here: the foliage in some of the featured environments looks absolutely insanely detailed. Runcorn-based developer Evolution Studios has highlighted this as one of its goals in the past, and it looks like that lengthy delay has served it well. All we need now is a release date to go along with our renewed hype – after all, the platform holder has promised that we’ll be privy to a firm window soon.

Update: "All new?" we hear you scream, "This was shown as part of a longer trailer way back at GamesCom." Fair enough, we've goofed up. Still, it's worth watching again, isn't it?


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get2sammyb said:

So, it turns out I've made a bit of blunder here. Despite this being uploaded to the Japanese YouTube page today, it's not actually new footage at all — but part of the GamesCom trailer from last August. In my defence, I'd never seen it before... I don't think?

Anyway, many apologies about that.



Carl-G said:

You sure this isn't REAL life Racing & SONY are pretending it's the PS4 running this!?!? LOOKS AMAZING



KAPADO said:

What the hell.I don't wanna see a damn thing until it's release date is solid...Well ok I'll peek this time.
We needs the previous,we wants it Sony master.



Gamer83 said:

The sad part is, nobody gives a damn anymore. Outside of this website I've seen zero hype for this game, it missed its chance to make the biggest impact when this subpar studio couldn't get it ready for launch and the chance to make an impact lessens as time goes on. We get it, it looks great in short clips. Give a release date, show a lengthy video or just don't bother anymore.



get2sammyb said:

@Gamer83 I don't know, people are quite hyped on NeoGAF. It will only take an influx of footage to get people interested again. Furthermore, as a 'free' PS Plus game, if it's good, people will probably pay to upgrade to the full game.

@RyoHazuki That's just the PS4's release date in Japan.



InsertNameHere said:

@Gamer83 I've seen tons of hype on Facebook and YouTube, so people are obviously still interested.

And I doubt a subpar studio could do something like this, even the Motorstorm series is fairly exceptional. Not to mention that DriveClub is continuously being Project CARS, which is no small feat.

Frankly, DriveClub still has the potential to make an impact since it hasn't been that long since it's delay.



Gamer83 said:

@get2sammyb @BornOfEvil
The first couple Motorstorm games were good, I don't know if I'd say exceptional, that's reserved for games like Gran Turismo. If DriveClub is delayed until summer most people won't care. I don't frequent a ton of other websites besides this one, IGN and sometimes Gametrailers. Outside of hardcore PS fans though, I'm not seeing hype. People I talk to when I'm at stores and even some of my friends who are big PS4 guys don't seem to care. Watch_Dogs has lost a lot of hype as well though given the nature of that game it could rebound. It's tougher for a racing game to do so and with stuff like The Crew also out there, it's going to face some tough competition. The chance to make the strongest impact was launch and Evolution couldn't get it done. It was a blunder not to have Polyphony deliver GT 6 as a PS4 exclusive. Now we have to wait until probably 2018 if we're lucky before getting the real next-gen racing experience.



get2sammyb said:

@Gamer83 I do see your point. I still say the pseudo free-to-play strategy with this game changes it somewhat. For example, the PS Plus version means that this is probably going to bomb at retail — and always would have — but that doesn't mean that they can't turn a profit through DLC. I really believe they're trying a different model with this game.

EDIT: Having said that, there's no guarantee that the model will pay off. That I totally agree with.



Slapshot said:

I was really pumped up for this game, until I saw the sub par in-game car handling and physics months back. Was really hoping to see something new here, but oh well, no harm no foul.

Let's hope the next showing will truly be something spectacular! If so, it'll be time for me to finally break down and purchase a PS4.



rijahs said:

I would really love to see the Motorstorm game getting a chance on the PS4 with better graphics and gameplay...
We have huge games from the PS series to continue on the PS4 if Sony can play their cards right...




@Gamer83 Hype doesn't matter without a release date, once that's confirmed and the marketing push starts, just wait and see the hype.

GT6 would've been a bad PS4 game. It's still the same old GT as is, albeit with faster menus and sone slightly better looking models. And that's all it would amount to on PS4. A series like GT needs to sell on it's pedigree, for that you need an entrenched install base. Leaving it on PS3 was the better option all round.

Motorstorm was fantastic, but a comparison to GT makes no sense. One is arcade fun times, the other simulation.



Swinny said:

Them graphics.... excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor....

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