Regardless of whether you think the ongoing delays surrounding former PlayStation 4 launch title DriveClub are a positive or negative thing, the exclusive racer continues to look absolutely outstanding. That’s especially true in this top-secret branding video, which the ever eagle eyed folks over at DualShockers have managed to lay their greedy hands on.

The clip – clearly intended for the eyes of marketing teams rather than consumers – outlines the ethos behind the upcoming racer, detailing the philosophy behind its visual style and some of the techniques that British developer Evolution Studios is employing to realise its vision. These include very specific effects, such as desaturation and film grain noise.

In one slide, the company points out that emulating imperfections is actually a pivotal part of its approach with the game. “Deliberately moving the camera too fast, adding smears and motion to the footage is incredibly powerful and can help add excitement,” it explained. The firm’s also attempted to mimic sports cameras to give the release a more authentic look.

The focus of the video is on branding, so we suspect that it’s mostly discussing the approach taken with trailers and commercials here – but there is a lot of overlap between the promotional materials and the actual game. Unlike oversaturated arcade racers, for example, there’s a definite grittiness to the MotorStorm creator's newest intellectual property. Now we just want to know when we can actually play it.