Another day, another tiny morsel of Deep Down information. Yesterday we learned that the PlayStation 4 exclusive will be making stunningly gorgeous use of the brand new Panta Rhei engine. The day before that, Capcom released this single solitary screenshot of a giant spider monster to almost unanimous disgust. However, much more exciting than both of these is today's news that the dungeon crawler may still be getting a physical release.

A keen eyed observer noticed that the Amazon UK, Amazon France, and Amazon Spain stores all have the game listed at the price of a full retail release. We've known for quite a while that the title would be opting for a free-to-play model, so this does seem a little odd. What's even more bizarre, though, is that the online retailer has already taken pre-orders for this purportedly physical version.

Perhaps Capcom has finally listened to our passionate pleas and ditched the contentious model. But before you go out and spend all of those small coins that you've been saving up to pay for microtransactions, it must be noted that the Amazon US store lists the title's price as "currently unavailable". In other words, this could just be a case of the European sites not updating their prices.

Regardless of whether this turns out to be true, it's still interesting to speculate about how a physical release of the title would actually work. We propose that plonking down the cash up front should entitle you to a totally microtransaction free experience, but Capcom might have something completely different in mind. Would you be interested in a boxed version of the game, or are you happy to go on a free-to-play adventure? Spend a dollar to unlock a new spear in the comments section below.