Compile Heart’s no stranger to bringing supposedly sexy content to the PlayStation Vita. Monster Monpiece, its previous release for the portable platform, saw you rubbing the system's front and back touch panels in suggestive back and forth motions in order to pleasure the flustered anime ladies on screen – but the studio’s upcoming Moero Chronicle sounds even more bonkers.

The game sees you take control of luckless hero Io, whose dark internal desires have rendered him unable to talk to girls for fear of being called a pervert. As such, the character’s only friend is a monster girl – but when he starts to develop indecent feelings for his sole companion, he starts to hate himself for it. We're not making this up.

It seems that the star eventually gets over his malaise, as some of the title’s screenshots show some pretty suggestive material. And yes, there’s one with a naked lady and what appear to be tentacles in the background. The self-described “rubbing, pinching, panty-wearing role-playing game” is due out on 24th April overseas. Don’t expect a localisation.