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Blimey, PS Plus Subscriptions Have Tripled Since the PS4's Launch

Posted by Kell Andersen

Triple the fun

PlayStation Plus may just be the best thing since sliced bread. Ok, not reallyResogun is obviously the best thing since sliced bread. But the premium subscription service comes in at a very close second, providing core gamers with a way to get more out of their expensive consoles. And it seems that the public at large mostly agrees with this sentiment, as subscriptions to the online offering have tripled since the PlayStation 4's monumental launch last November.

UK boss Fergal Gara blurted this impressive figure at a recent press event in which he also revealed that the next-gen marvel is doing a roaring trade in his home country. We're betting that this news sees Sony's accounting team breathe a collective sigh of relief, as the beleaguered platform holder was banking on strong subscription numbers to help turn the shiny black box into a profitable deal.

Admittedly, a sizeable chunk of these new registrations can be attributed to the fact that the service is, for the most part, mandatory for online play. But when the Japanese giant is willing to give away both BioShock Infinite and Outlast just to sweeten the pot, we don't suspect that too many people will be complaining. Have you been a rabid PlayStation Plus convert since day one? Does this startling statistic totally surprise you? Pay a monthly fee in the comments section below.


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Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I never had a phone or ps2 I've had my ps3 for about four or five years and I only signed up to PS plus when I got my vita in October, I honestly didn't know what it offered. My loss. Probably a case of poor marketing again. They need to advertise PS plus as an asset not a cost. It should be called PS Club or something a little more obvious that its a great benefit to join.



Shaolin said:

This is wonderful news and it's such an excellent subscription service too!



shingi_70 said:

The service is pretty awesome but let's be honest this would have happened regardless due to the PS3 having a paywall.



Tasuki said:

No surprise. I would bet that most of them are people like me who didn't own a PS3 and now own a PS4 or Vita.



Carl-G said:

Hopefully this will give SONY a boost in profits. I did it for 3 months but i don't really game online much so not sure if i will get it all the time really. It's still a good deal tho;)



Splat said:

I only have a PS3 and feel like I'm getting a great deal. For you guys with a PS4,PS3 and Vita it's almost stealing.



divinelite said:

So Thats why january and febuary have Psplus offering the best ever? I wonder if they will be out of great games to give in upcoming months



rjejr said:

While I think a lot of it has to do w/ the PS4 online requirement as the article kind of snuck in way down near the bottom , I'm still a bit shocked that PS+ enrollment tripled. I'm not even sure if I beleive it actually.

There are 4mil PS4, so if every single PS4 bought a PS+ membership that makes 4mil, which means out of 80m PS3 and 4mil Vita owners only 2mil at most could have had PS+. And here's the kicker - it would also mean that those 4mil PS4 purchases could not have already had PS+, b/c if they did it would still be the same amount. The numbers just don't add up for me.

So, can we see some actual numbers please?

One explanation which could make sense - they are counting all the free trial sthat com ew/ every purchase and by next monththose numbers disappear.

The other explanation, which is probably more accurate but the title completely threw me off - US Black Friday $30 deal had a lot of people sign up for PS+, but that has NOTHING to do w/ the PS4 coming out as it was probably PS3 and Vita owners who made the PS+ purchase on BF.

I know, I had PS+ for 2 years, let it lapse in Jan, and bought it again BF.

So yes, Sony should be happy that PS+ increased - even if some of those were free trials some will pay - but equating it to PS4 sales seems a bit strecthign the truth a bit w/o some actual numbers. Has Sony EVER given out PS+ numbers? Ever?



Faustek said:

Uhm, dudes. You ever consider the fact that people might just be buying PS+ without a ps4 in preparation for the day they do? Likewise for those with a vita only? You get to keep em games as long a you subscribe.



jmburks said:

I didnt become a PS+ member until i got my PS4 but i am extremely happy with the service, especially with for my Vita. Its safe to say every game i have on my Vita i either got for free or at a discounted price due to the PS+ subcription so i am definitely very happy with it.



Gamer83 said:

Well, wouldn't be good for Sony if this didn't happen considering Plus is required for online play. The sales and IGC make it all worth it though.



BlueProxy said:

Seems like a given. For the price of roughly one blu-ray game your getting an entire library with a big variety. Top it off with discounts all the time.



-CraZed- said:

I am not surprised. With the nice sales of the PS4 and online multiplayer requiring PS+ AND the fact that they have had months of free advertising of the great benefits of having a Plus account all over the interwebs it was bound to happen.



-CraZed- said:

@rjejr You are assuming that ALL of those increases are just attributed to PS4. I think it is more appropriate to postulate that a majority of PS4 owners subscribed to PS + AND there has been a significant rise in PS3 and Vita owner subscriptions. The benefits of PS+ is more evident on those systems anyways.



Vorlon said:

I've had PS+ since day one and the downside is I've bought less new retail games as it's hard to keep up with all free games. So maybe not so good for publishers and developers?



rjejr said:

@-CraZed- - "You are assuming that ALL of those increases are just attributed to PS4'

That wasn't what I was assuming, that's what the TITLE of the article was assuming and I was reacting to the title:

"Blimey, PS Plus Subscriptions Have Tripled Since the PS4's Launch

If the tiles of the article had been - "Blimey, PS+ subs triple since Black Friday $30 sale" - well then I wouldn't have reacted the way I did.

It also seems to be what the UK boss implied at the time and place he made the comment but I'm not sure if he meant it that way since I wasnt there nor have I read a direct quote, only what was written here, which implied the tripling was due to the PS4 launch. Which I doubt was all that much of a actor.



ChaosOfDarkness6 said:

To be honest, this news really doesn't surprise me. Considering the amount of people who enjoy COD, Killzone, Battlefield etc. who play it mainly for its online benefits need the PlayStation Plus subscription.
I'm glad that people are using the system though; it has a wide range of benefits and £40 a year is really cheap considering the games and discounts you get.

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