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Blimey, PS4 Sales Are More Than Double the Xbox One in Germany

Posted by Chris Lloyd


The PlayStation 4 has sold an impressive 250,000 units in Germany since its launch on 29th November. In comparison, the Xbox One – which released a week earlier on 22nd November – has moved 100,000 units. The figures come courtesy of Media Control GFK, and track the period up to the end of December.

Sony's powerhouse has now sold a whopping 4.2 million units worldwide, comfortably beating Microsoft's total of three million next-gen units. Last year, the Japanese giant said that it hopes to sell five million systems before the end of March. It's on track, then.


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Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Ha ha. That video is hilarious. Hardly a surprising stat though. Germans have plenty of common a sense. The ps4 is just better.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Hardly surprising, indeed. I live in Germany and it always seemed like there were more PS3 among the people I know. Also, like everywhere, you can't find a PS4 anywhere, whereas an Xbox 1 can be found without problems.



InsertNameHere said:

@Reverend_Skeeve Same here. My local Walmart had a sign up saying they had PS4's in stock and when I went to the electronics section to check it out, imagine my surprise when there were no PS4's to be found and a plethora of Xbox Ones still on the shelves.



Ginkgo said:

its not just Germany. I know VGChartz is not completely accurate, but assuming they are even in the ballpark, you can clearly see that PS4 is outselling XBO 2:1 everywhere in the world but the US.

Platform US EU JP Oth Tot
PlayStation 4 (PS4) 2.29 1.64 0.00 0.45 4.38
Xbox One (XOne) 2.12 0.80 0.00 0.19 3.11



WCamicase said:

Remember when everyone sai tha 5 million was a number way to high to achieve until March? LOL



hYdeks said:

Obviously the Germans are very smart

That video is both funny and sad. What store thought having a crap load of ps4's on a table would be a good idea?!? lol



Dodoo said:

The situation is similar in Spain - 157,000 vs 35,000. These are total install base figures:

NDS: 4,500,000
Wii : 2,800,000
PS3: 2,500,000
PSP: 2,400,000
360: 1,100,000
3DS: 900,000
PSV: 250,000
PS4: 157,000
Wii U: 80,000
XBO: 35,000




Reverend_Skeeve said:

@charlesnarles Pretty much, yeah. Sony surfed on a wave of good will since Microsofts clustermug...The 360 was quite popular here, but everyone I asked about intentions to buy an Xbox One just laughed hysterically.

Windows actually is quite popular here, though. It is by far the most common OS around here...but Linux seems to gain ground, especially among the tech-savy folks...I do use Win7 professional myself and are quite content with it, I must admit. *hides in shame



charlesnarles said:

@Reverend_Skeeve I'm in the US and I had to get 8 by force. 8.1's "start button" is really just another Windows key... It's so hard to get anything to run full screen. I also have a video card with FXAA, but 8 is incompatible so text blurs... Isn't Linux coming out with a new OS? Was that a dream? lol

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